Download Android O launcher for Android 6.0.1+ devices

Download Android O launcher for Android 6.0.1+ devices (Pixel Laumcher).As soon as the news of the official release of Android O came out, the world of developers went into frenzy as they had something new on the table for tinkering and customising. Even the users were overjoyed as they would be getting new updates for their devices. Now, we also have some news on the customization which will allow all the smartphone users having Android 6.0.1 or more to have the Google Launcher of Android O work on their device.

The first Android O Developer Preview had been released this week. However, it is only for those few supported Pixel or Nexus devices that will be able to get the taste of Android O in the near future. Those of you that do not have them, there is no need to get your morale down. Thanks to “

Thanks to “linusct”, a reputed and recognised XDA contributor, all the Android devices having Android 6.0.1 or above will be able to install some of the apps shipped with this Android O Preview. In this post, we will be giving you a glimpse of a quick backport which will let you get the latest Pixel Launcher from Android O preview.


The downloading process is quite simple, all you need to do is visit this link and download the apk file. Then, you will have to install it on your smartphone.
The apk file can be downloaded by visiting the following website ->

Download Android O launcher for Android 6.0.1+ devices

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