Download Good Lock 2023 APK for Samsung One UIdevices

At the Samsung Developer Conference 2022, Samsung showcased a variety of new products and software launches. The lineup also included the stable One UI 5 firmware as well as the upcoming Good Lock 2023. While the SDC22 didn’t reveal a whole lot, a Samsung Community team member revealed the features of the upcoming Good Lock 2023.

Good Lock 2023 APK for Samsung will come with a bunch of new features including Quick Star, Home Up, Nav Star, Clock Face, Good Lock, and more.

New features in the upcoming Good Lock 2023 APK for Samsung

  1. You’ll now be able to easily create your own memes in the Kids Café
  2. The ability to adjust the settings menu is being prepared
  3. A new function to control detailed camera settings would be released
  4. Changed the introduction page of Good Lock Galaxy Store
  5. Added settings to change the order of the bottom tabs on the main screen
  6. One UI 5 correspondence update has been added to the main page
  7. Modified such that plug-in apps can be used even if you’re under the age of 14

Moreover, Good Lock will now come with support for Android 13-based One UI 5. The new features might also come to older Android 12, Android 11, Android 10, and Android 9 smartphones

Download Good Lock 2023 APK for your Samsung Galaxy smartphones [Good lock apk Android 13]

Download Good Lock 2023 APK for Samsung One UI 5 devices

Good Lock 2023 and all the modules of the APK are here. The apps have been updated for Android 13 with new and exciting features. You’ll be able to either download Good Lock from the Samsung Galaxy Store through the official links or download the standalone APK files and install the files individually.

Full Zip Download for Good Lock 2023


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