Download & Install the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ROM Port On Galaxy S5 SM-G900F/K/M/W8

Guide: How to Download & Install the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ROM Port On Galaxy S5 SM-G900F/K/M/W8.The Galaxy Note 7 is the upcoming device from Samsung which is going to be the successor to the Note 4 and like other Note devices hype is on another level.But if you guys have Galaxy S5 SM-G900F/K/M/W8, then you can try the Galaxy Note 7 Ported ROM.

Ever since the official firmware of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 became available for download, the contributors, and android enthusiasts have been busy porting this new UX on their smartphones. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 ROM port, Samsung Galaxy S5 is the one of the first to be supported for the Note 7 ROM. The two listed custom ROMs here i.e. Pure Note 7 ROM and DarkLord Note 7 ROM can be installed on almost all Galaxy S5 variants, including M-G900K, SM-G900F and more. This is amazing news for the S5 users as they can now test the Note 7 firmware even before the launch.

These ROMs are custom build and have to be installed using a custom recovery such as TWRP. Some are hybrid ROMs based on the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow N9200ZCU2ZPF9 and the Note 7 N930FXXU1APG7 firmware which means that base firmware used is the same as the one of S5, whereas the apps of Note 7, the framework, the UI panels have just been ported.

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Download Galaxy Note 7 ROM Port On Galaxy S5 SM-G900F/K/M/W8

-> There two ROMs available

1) Pure Note 7 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 

The firmware is based on the new N930FXXU1APG and the baseband from Samsung Galaxy S5 G900TUVU1GPE1 is used. This custom ROM is as identical as you can get to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Grace UI. This custom ROM is 1.22 GB and can be downloaded easily through Google. This custom ROM comes with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS and gives you the latest software available. It also comes with most of the apps and features from Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 5. Pure Note ROM supports every Samsung Galaxy S5 snapdragon variant except G900L. However many bugs can be found on this new version, such as bugs with NFC, UI, Fingerprint and even Messages.

Some features of Pure Note 7 ROM:

  • Claims to be really fast and smooth
  • Supports every S5 snapdragon variant other than G900L
  • All the apps are converted to 32 bit
  • Bugs prevail as ROM is pre-released.

Pure Note 7 ROM Port For Galaxy S5 → Direct Download[icon name=”external-link” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

[File: Pure Note 7 (1.22 GB)]

2) DarkLord Note 7 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 

The firmware is based on the baseband N9200ZCU2ZPF9 and supports S5 variants such as SM-G900F/M/K. The custom ROM is 1.19 GB and can be found and downloaded using Google. Some bugs are observed in features like fingerprint and camera.

Some features of DarkLord Note 7 ROM:

  • It is the total Note 7 UX
  • The 3-minute battery mod
  • Toolbox music
  • Dolby atmos, viper4android and Beats-audio
  • The latest SU

Darklord Note 7 UX ROM For Galaxy S5→ Download (Mega Link)[icon name=”external-link” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

[File:  (1.19 GB)]

How to Install the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ROM Port On Galaxy S5 SM-G900F/K/M/W8

Download & Install Galaxy Note 7 ROM Port On Galaxy S5

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Via: Pure Note 7, DarkLord

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