ElementalX Kernel now available for the OnePlus 5T

Finally ElementalX Kernel now available for the OnePlus 5T: OnePlus has been releasing a lot of new smartphones recently as the company’s latest smartphones in 2017 as the company started this year with the release of OnePlus 5 which was launched in June 2017. However, the company launched another new smartphone this year which is the OnePlus 5T and the smartphone has been made available for sale starting last month only. However, OnePlus also released a new Star Wars Edition OnePlus 5T earlier this month which makes it the third OnePlus smartphone to be launched in a calendar year.

Now, it is well known to the fans as well as technology enthusiasts and those who have been following OnePlus very closely that the company offers warranty for its smartphones even though there is some modification or tinkering done to the smartphone in the form of unlocking the bootloader or rooting the smartphone.

Therefore, the users who buy OnePlus smartphones and those who are fans of device modification root or unlock their smartphone from day one so that they can install any custom kernel or custom ROM on their device in order to get more features than that are available in the Stock ROM.

Also, there is another group of users who do not change the Stock ROM on their phone. However, they get the latest features on their phone via the help of Custom Kernel which adds few features on top of the Stock ROM that is currently available on the phone. Talking about custom kernels, one such kernel that is very popular is the ElementalX kernel and we are happy to report that the ElementalX Kernel is now available for the latest smartphone from OnePlus which is the OnePlus 5T. Now, one of the most important improvements with the ElementalX kernel is better battery life which is already good on the Stock OxygenOS kernel that is present on the phone.

ElementalX Kernel now available for the OnePlus 5T.Download It Now

OxygenOS/HydrogenOS/Stock-based ROMs(Android 7.1.1)

Credit: flar2, Recognized Developer Over Xda

Abhishek Jariwala
Abhishek Jariwala
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