How to Enable and disable power button ends call on your iPhone

Many iPhone users globally have been facing the issue where they accidentally press the power button and it ends the call. To help deal with this issue, Apple has released an iOS update where the users can quickly turn the “power button ends call” feature on their device off for good.

You’ll need to ensure that your iPhone has the newest iteration of iOS 16 in which Apple has pushed this new feature. If you don’t, you won’t be able to find the setting needed to fix the power button ending calls on your iPhone. In this guide, you’ll get to know how you can enable and disable the power button ends call on your iPhone.

Enable and disable power button ends call on your iPhone

How to enable or disable Power Button Ends Call

  1. Unlock your device and ensure that you’re on the home screen
  2. Now, swipe left until you’ve opened the App Library, and then tap on the Settings icon for opening it
  3. Once you’ve opened the Settings page, scroll down until you can see the Accessibility option
  4. Now, tap on Accessibility
  5. On the Accessibility page, you should tap “Touch” to open the Touch settings
  6. Scroll down the Touch settings screen until you’ve come across “Prevent Lock to End Call” and then toggle it on
  7. Once it is toggled on, the next time you’ll be on call and you end up pressing the power button accidentally, it will not disconnect the call
  8. You can also toggle it off and the power button would end the call if pressed during the call on your iPhone

Apple has a tendency to do things differently and set a new standard for the industry along the way. While doing so, it can sometimes be hard for users to cope with the latest features and the settings buried deep down. The Power Button Ending Call has been a big issue recently. Now, Apple has finally fixed this issue with a new iOS update.

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