How to enable Dark Theme on Google Pixel smartphones?

Explore the beauty of the Dark Theme on Google Pixel phones, a visually appealing feature that eases your eyes and saves battery power.

Dark theme on Google Pixel smartphone is a visual design choice that has been becoming more and more popular across digital platforms and users. This feature offers a sophisticated and eye-friendly alternatives to the traditional light-colored interfaces

Activating this feature on your Pixel smartphones isn’t just about aesthetics, it is also a holistic approach for enhancing your user experience. Whether you’re a pragmatic individual looking to conserve battery life or looking to scroll your smartphone at night.

With that said, enabling this feature is easier than you think. In this guide, you will get to know how to enable Dark Theme on Google Pixel smartphones.

How to enable Dark Theme on Google Pixel smartphones?

Dark Theme on Google

Here are the steps to follow to enable Dark Theme on Google Pixel smartphones –

Step 1: Initiate the dark transformation n

To start the process, you need to begin by swiping down twice from the top of your Pixel device’s screen.

Step 2: Unveil the darkness

Once you are in the settings menu, you need to look for the elusive Dark Theme icon. If it is playing hide-and-seek, you need to swipe left or tap “Edit”

Step 3: Dive into the abyss

Once you toggle Dark Theme on Google Pixel smartphones, you should witness the transformation not just in your device’s interface but also in different apps. The once luminous background will then don the classy and elegant attire of darkness and prove to be a soothing sight for your eyes.

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Step 4: Master the art of timing

To customize your Dark theme experience, you should touch and hold the Dark theme icon. This is where the real magic happens. A menu will open up, allowing you to control when the dark theme descends upon your screen.

Step 5: Set your dark theme schedule

You should then navigate to the “Schedule” option. Here, you will be able to gain the ability to dictate when the Dark theme on Google Pixel emerges. It isn’t just an on/off switch, it will be a finely tuned scheduled tailored to your personal preferences. Here are the three options to choose from – custom time, bedtime, or from sunset to sunrise.

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