How To Enable VoLTE Support On OnePlus 2 (HydrogenOS 2.5 Modem)

In this guide, we will learn How To Enable VoLTE Support On OnePlus 2 (HyadorgenOS 2.5) : The OnePlus 2 was released by the all popular OnePlus an year ago, and since then, it hasn’t been treated as a really good device. Due to both hardware and software instabilities, people have complained that the OnePlus 2 was probably a wrong buy in their book. However, it is the problem with OxygenOS, not the hardware that is unsatisfying the consumers. In such a case, Custom ROMs or other ROMs come in handy.

One of the most biggest features that the OnePlus 2 lacks is VoLTE (Voice-over LTE), which can grant you free calls which can be placed over your data cap instead of your actual money. For regions like India, where Reliance Jio has been taken up by the masses, VoLTE support is a much needed feature in the new upcoming smartphones. Well, if you own a OnePlus 2, then we have a perfect workaround for you to attain VoLTE support.

This is done by flashing the latest Modem file extracted from HydrogenOS 2.5, which is the Chinese version of the official firmware. It is being updated regularly, and it has also officially received VoLTE support. Read on to find How To Enable VoLTE Support On OnePlus 2.


  • This guide is for the OnePlus 2 only.
  • A complete nandroid backup of your device is recommended, in case something goes wrong.Guide  How To Create & Restore Nandroid Backup On Android Devices
  • Make sure your device is charged at least upto 60%, to prevent unexpected shutdowns in the process.
  • Before you begin with the tutorial, make sure that ‘USB Debugging‘ is enabled from Settings > Developer Options.


Download Modem File from HydrogenOS 2.5→  Download Link 

How To Enable VoLTE Support On OnePlus 2 (HyadrogenOS 2.5)

Enable VoLTE Support On OnePlus 2

  1. Turn off your OnePlus 2, and reboot into the recovery mode.
  2. Once the TWRP menu shows up, navigate to Install, and then select the file you’ve just downloaded.
  3. Swipe to confirm the flash, and give it a good second or two.
  4. Reboot your device, and you can now enjoy the new subtle update!

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