Experience Gaming on YouTube Mobile App Directly Without Exiting the App

YouTube has taken a big leap in the video-sharing platform due to billions of monthly active users. It pushes YouTube to 2nd position after Facebook in the most used social media platform. Now, YouTube adds the in-built game directly into the mobile app. So, users can Experience Gaming on YouTube Mobile App directly without even exiting the app.

This exciting new feature allows YouTube mobile app users who love to play games on their phones to seamlessly transition from watching their favourite videos to playing built-in suggested games. Well, all of these can be done inside the same YouTube app. YouTube has already included Playables available for several users in the US, Great Britain, Australia, and Canada regions effectively for the mobile app only.

Eligible users can easily get access to more than 75 video games instantly to play directly inside the YouTube mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms. The list of video games that have been included are from the classic gaming genre such as Chess, Billiards, Angry Birds Showdown, Cut the Rope, etc.

Experience Gaming on YouTube Mobile App Directly Without Exiting the App
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Experience Gaming on YouTube Mobile App

The best part is that you can even save your gameplay progress inside the YouTube mobile application irrespective of the Android and iOS platforms. So, keeping track of your best scores can be a good idea that we delightful.

The update rollout process may take a few weeks or months to arrive in the mentioned countries officially. The rest of the countries will also receive the same feature update in the upcoming months ASAP. Once available, you can easily find the included games list on the YouTube app’s ‘Home’ section > Go to ‘Explore’ > Tap on the ‘Playables’ section.

Additionally, you can save your favourite video games under the ‘You’ tab of your YouTube mobile app for easy access. We should also mention that YouTube Premium users can be able to keep YouTube videos running in the background while playing built-in games on the app seamlessly. That means the standard free version of YouTube users can either watch a video or play games at a time which is still a better option.

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We’re not sure why YouTube adding basic games to play when published videos are already going well. But there may be two expected reasons behind this such as reducing the scrolling tendency for some users and making a revenue model for the included games in the future. In addition, YouTube may be trying to improve the user experience by providing streaming and gaming sections to choose from.

You can either play games in your idle time instead of consuming YouTube videos or get into the games instead of waiting for a live stream to start. Though it’s not clear how things will go with the games on YouTube, it can be related to the Google Play Instant for Android to support Google’s play-immediately technology.

We may have to wait for that to understand all aspects clearly. Till then you can read more articles on our blog. You can comment for any questions.

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