How to fix YouTube About and Channels Missing?

A Guide: Restoring Your YouTube Channel's Descriptive About Section and Related Channel Listings.

In the realm of video streaming platforms, there is hardly any doubt that the offering from Google is the best in its domain. However, the constant testing that Google carries out unsystematically on a randomly selected bunch of users without their consent has been a negative for ages.

Recently, many users have been complaining of YouTube About and Channels missing from YouTube. As evident from the name, the About section features the description of the publisher while the Channel section features a list of other channels that are run by that creator.

With that said, if you’re noticing YouTube About and Channels missing, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix YouTube About and Channels Missing.

How to fix YouTube About and Channels Missing?

YouTube About and Channels

While the standalone tab of the About section has been removed, you can still access it after clicking the right arrow next to the channel description. When it comes to the Channel tab, it has currently been removed from YouTube. Whether it is an intentional move from Google or simply a part of the testing it carries out is anyone’s guess, but as of now, you won’t be able to access multiple channels of a creator from the Channels tab.

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Instead, you’ll need to look for the channel name manually to get the job done. It may not be that big of an issue for established channels or regular visitors of the channel because they’ll already be aware of other related channels form the publisher. However, new channels or first-time users of the channel could run out of luck when it comes to accessing this info.

If you’re a publisher, it is recommended that you list out your other YouTube channels in the About section to workaround the YouTube About and Channels Missing issue.

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