How To Fix Apex Legends wont download Stuck at Preparing

As the Apex Legends Season 5 update is available to download, players are getting so much excited about it. However, the excitement comes to the end with a very irritating issue or bug you can say.

Plenty of players are reporting that Apex Legends won’t download Stuck at Preparing while downloading the new patch update. It’s a ridiculous thing and players are getting sick of it. The issue can happen on PS4, Xbox One, Windows PC. If you’re also experiencing the same, then check this article.

As the problem is very new, there is no official announcement available yet. So, you may have to wait for another official patch update. But in order to fix the issue as of now and become able to download the game update, we’ve shared a couple of possible fixes below. You should check it out.

How To Fix Apex Legends wont download Stuck at Preparing

You can follow these steps one by one in order to fix the issue. So, take a quick look below.

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  • First of all, you will need to cancel the download. Just exit the game from the Origin client.
  • Then go to Task Manager and close all Apex Legends and Origin launcher related processes one by one.
  • You can also reboot the device.
  • Restart Origin client – Go to Game Library – Right-click on Apex Legends – Choose Repair.
  • Once done, restart the Origin client and try downloading the update again.

These steps might fix the stuck downloading issue with your Apex Legends game update. If not, report it to EA Support Forum for further help. Keep visiting the blog.

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