[Fixed] DayZ Not Showing Servers issue

DayZ is an exciting action survival game published by Bohemia Interactive. It is actually a multiplayer game born from an ARMA II mod of the same name. After an incredibly long early access period of 5 years, the game finally came out in 2018. While the game is loved by players all over the world, it doesn’t mean that the game is faultless. There are a few issues with the game and one such issue is the DayZ Not Showing Servers issue. In this guide, you’ll get to know about different methods to fix this issue.

Method 1: Check the server status of DayZ

The first thing to do would be to check the Server Status of the game and ensure that there is no scheduled maintenance or service outage. If there’s an issue with the server, wait for a few hours and try to run the game again. If the DayZ Status is active and running properly, you should use one of the methods mentioned below.

Method 2: Check your internet connection

Check your internet connection properly and see if it’s working properly or not. A poor or unstable internet connection can easily lead to server connectivity issues. It’ll be better to contact your ISP and increase the network speed or fix the technical issues related to your IP address. Sometimes, upgrading your data plan to a higher package could fix this issue.

Method 3: Reboot your console or PC

Ensure that you’re restarting your PC or console to refresh the system glitch if any exists. Although this is a basic method, you’ll be surprised to know how often it works.

Fix DayZ Not Showing Servers issue

Method 4: Verify and repair game files

  • Launch Steam and click on Library
  • In the list of installed games, right-click on DayZ
  • Click on Properties and then head over to local files
  • Now, click on Verify Integrity of Game Files
  • Wait patiently for the process until it is completed
  • Once it is done, restart your PC to apply changes

Method 5: Clear server filters in the game

  • Launch the game and go to the Server selection list
  • Click on Clear Filters and then Apply Filters for saving changes
  • Once it is done, reboot your game to check for the issue
  • Your servers will show up and it’ll fix the problem

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