How to fix Checkout Not Working in Steam

Steam is a popular digital distribution platform created by Valve Corporation. You can use Steam for searching and exploring new games and buying the ones that you like. While the platform is definitely great for gamers, sometimes it encounters bugs and errors that can end up disrupting the overall user experience.

One of the common issues faced by the users recently is the Checkout Not Working issue. Many users have been reporting that they’re getting this issue when attempting to make purchases on Steam.

If you’re experiencing this issue, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Checkout Not Working in Steam.

How to fix Checkout Not Working in Steam?

Checkout Not Working

Method 1: Restart Steam

If you’re facing Checkout Not Working issue in Steam, the first thing you must try is close down Steam completely and restart it. This can refresh the client and help resolve minor glitches.

Method 2: Update Steam

The next method you can try is ensure that your Steam client is up to date. Steam regularly releases new updates to address bugs and performance improvements, so if you’re getting Checkout Not Working, you should update Steam and then check if the issue is resolved.

Method 3: Add Steam Store to Family View

  • Open Steam and then navigate to the Settings menu
  • After that, proceed to the Family View tab before clicking on Manage
  • In the Online Content and Features section, you should select the Steam Store
  • Click on “Next” and then enter your PIN
  • Complete the setup process
  • Once you have completed the steps, restart Steam for the changes to take effect

Method 4: Disable antivirus or firewall

Sometimes, your antivirus or firewall program could be blocking the Steam client’s access to the internet. You should disable the services and check if it resolves the Checkout Not Working issue. If it does, you should configure them to allow Steam access.

Method 5: Disable VPN or Proxy

If you’re using a VPN or Proxy, you should try to disable it. Sometimes, these services could interfere with the checkout process. Disabling them could help you resolve the Checkout Not Working bug.

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