Easily fix Snap Camera no available camera input issue (Snap Camera not working)

Snap Camera is one of the most popular third-party camera apps that offer live stream and video calling filters. Not the regular filters, but the different emojis, avatars, some other face twisters, and more. So, it adds your live image to a different look that you and other viewers will love so much. The app is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. So, just use the camera lens and you will get amazed by its bunch of filter add-ons. However, some of the users are facing Snap Camera no available camera input issue (Snap Camera not working) problem. If you’re also one of them, consider the below methods to fix it.

By launching the Snap Camera app on your PC, you just need to give access to use the web camera lens and you’re good to go. It changes real-time filter effects over your face and offers you to choose your preferred filter mode. Once you’re done with filter, you can use it for live streaming or video calls. Now, if you want to choose Snap Camera as the input on your video calling, then you will need to select it from the webcam option.

Once all is set, you can use your preferred video calling app on the Windows or Mac and start your video call or live stream. It’s all easy and the simple user interface makes you feel much better while using it. So, all the affected Snap Camera users can follow the below guides to solve the problem.

Easily fix Snap Camera no available camera input issue (Snap Camera not working)

Note: The Snap Camera app only works on video calling facility and not on voice call. So, that’s the core priority of the camera app to use filters.

Easily fix Snap Camera no available camera input issue (Snap Camera not working)

  1. Force Restart Snap Camera: Windows users can simply go to Task Manager and select Snap Camera.exe process from the list – Click on End Task. While the Mac users need to Quit the respective video calling app from the upper-dock. Once done, simply launch the Snap Camera again on your computer and start using it.
  2. Clear Cache of Snap Camera: Just like the smartphone apps, the Snap Camera app also has an option to clear it’s cache and app usage quite easily. You will also find Lens history, favorite lenses, third-party integrations, etc. If you want to fully clear all the cache and temporary files, make sure you’ve selected all the boxes and click on Clear selected. So, head over to Snap Cam Settings – Cache & App Use – View.
  3. Check System Compatibility: To be very specific, you will require Windows 10 (64 bit) or macOS 10.11+ along with a minimum of Intel Core i3 2.5Ghz or AMD Phenom II 2.6Ghz, and 4GB RAM; Intel HD Graphics 4000 / Nvidia GeForce 710 / AMD Radeon HD 6450; screen resolution of 1280×768 or higher. You can easily check out your system configuration from Start menu – Settings – System – About – Device Specifications. While the Mac users can simply go to “Apple icon” and select “About This Mac”.
  4. Allow App Permission: Ensure that your Snap Camera app has permission to use your webcam. But before check that whether your webcam is running or not. If your laptop has a locking system to close the camera shutter, then turn it on. Now, press Windows + I key – Privacy – Camera and turn on “Allow apps to access your Camera” toggle for Snap Camera. While the Mac users can go to System Preferences – Security & Privacy – Privacy – Camera and click on Snap Camera checkbox to mark it.
  5. Select Snap Camera in Video Calling Software: Now, after doing all of these steps, make sure that the Snap Camera app is selected on your preferred video calling app whether you’re on Windows or Mac. It’s quite important to select the Snap Camera input instead of the default webcam. So, in this way, you will be able to play around with your favorite filters.
  6. Turn Off VPN Service: If in case, you’re using any VPN service on your PC then turn that off temporarily and use the video calling with Snap Camera filters. Once done, you can turn back on your VPN. Now, there is no specific reason behind it but may be due to the distance server or lack of internet stability can cause this issue on Snap Camera.
  7. Reinstall Snap Camera: If nothing works for you, then we will recommend you to uninstall the Snap Camera app from your computer and reinstall it again. Some times, reinstalling the program can fix older issues from the app files or system.
  8. Check For An Older App version: You can also check for an older Snap Camera app version for your computer from the Snap Camera official site. Some times the older version may work properly on some of the systems.
  9. Reinstall Webcam Drivers: If the Snap Camera doesn’t work at any cost, then you should also try reinstalling webcam drivers on your Windows PC. Launch Control Panel – Go to Hardware – Sound – Device Manager – Imaging Devices – Webcam. Just remember the webcam name and search for drivers online & download/install it. If you’ve original driver CD with you, then you can also reinstall the webcam drivers from the CD.

We assume that by following these methods, your Snap Camera will work like before. Keep visiting the blog for more info.


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