[2023] Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Devices Using Odin

This article will guide you on How To Safely Flash / Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung Devices Using Odin In 2023. You only need the right TWRP recovery File for your device then the process is very simple and easy. The process is the same for all Samsung devices. So just follow the step by step Guide to Safely Flash TWRP Recovery On Samsung Devices Using Odin

You need to have a custom recovery (TWRP) to install Third party ROMs, kernels and most importantly to root your device by flashing SuperSu.So if you want to perform any of the mentioned tasks on your device, you need to have TWRP recovery.

If you are using any Samsung android device then you probably know about Odin flashing tool. Odin is a Windows-based ROM flashing tool from Samsung for Samsung smartphones and tablets, which is used to flash custom ROMs, Official OTA Updates, kernels and other similar files manually on Samsung devices. If you soft bricked your Samsung android phone then this thing is needed. You can unbrick your phone, unlock the bootloader, root, unroot, update, return back to stock ROM

We are going to share full step by step guide on How to Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung Devices Using Odin. This is going to be the same for all Samsung devices. But you need to have the right TWRP recovery file for your device.

A full step-by-step guide to install TWRP recovery on any Samsung device using Odin 3.10.6


rootmygalaxy.net will not be held responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your Samsung Android device while following this tutorial. Do it at your own risk.


  • Make sure your device has more than 50% of juice
  • Bootloader must be unlocked
  • Make Sure Samsung USB drivers are installed on your PC [icon name=”hand-o-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Download Samsung USB Drivers On Windows or Mac (Latest) (Important)


Now Install Odin On Your Computer (Windows 7/8/10/11)

How To Install Odin On Windows 7/8/10/11

How To Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung Devices Using Odin

Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung Devices Using Odin

  • First Of all, read the Pre-Requirement Section Carefully.
  • Now download the Latest Odin File from the download section above
  • After downloading, Unzip the latest Odin xxx .zip file
  • Now Run Odin3 vxxx.exe file from the extracted files on your PC. (Download the latest odin, unzip and run)
  • Make sure you’ve downloaded The Odin flashable TWRP recovery .tar file compatible for your device. (Important)
  • (If applicable) Enable OEM unlock: (Enable OEM unlock” feature Only for Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ devices)
    1. Go to Settings » About phone » and tap “Build number” seven times to enable “Developer options”.
    2. Go back to the main Settings page, scroll to bottom and select“Developer options” from there.
    3. Under Developer options, look for “Enable OEM unlock”checkbox/toggle and make sure you Check it or turn it ON.
  • Now Boot your Samsung Android device into Download mode.To Do So Follow the steps below
    1. Switch off your device.
    2. Press and hold “Home + Power + Volume down” buttons for a few seconds until you see a warning screen.
    3. Press Volume Up on the warning screen to accept it and boot into Download mode.
  • Once your device is in download mode, connect it to the PC with a USB cable. The Odin will automatically detect the device and show an “Added!!” message.If not then your device is not connected properly
  • Now click on the AP tab on Odin window and select the TWRP recovery .tar file that you downloaded for your device.

How to Unroot & Restore a Samsung Galaxy S6 Back to Stock 2

  • Click the Start button on Odin to start Flashing and wait for it to finish the process.
  • Once it finished successfully, a pass message on the Odin screen will pop up
  • Your device will automatically reboot when Odin is done flashing. Now You can disconnect your device.
  • Done!!! TWRP is now installed on your device

How to boot a Samsung Galaxy Device into TWRP recovery

(Same For All Samsung Devices)

  1. First Switch off your device.
  2. Then Press and hold “Home + Power + Volume Up” buttons for a few seconds and as soon as you see your device’ logo on-screen, release three buttons altogether.
  3. Your device will boot into TWRP recovery

For More Detailed Guide On How To Booty Into Recovery, follow the linked guide below

Odin Issue    How To Fix  “Odin not detecting my Samsung Android Phone

If you have any questions related to this post feel free to ask in the comment section.

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  1. I have followed the instructions above and finished. Now when I restart my phone it just keeps continualy rebooting to the startup screen. Any help would be appreciated Thanks

          • Please may you help me with a video which will guide me? My android device is Samsung Galaxy tab 3.8.0 SM-T311

          • Currently we don’t have the device. Yiu can find video guide on youtube.Just do a google search

          • Bro how do I backup all my data and current rom, When using the twrp recovery….. Only this point I don’t understand

          • Boot your device into twrp recovery. Once you are in twrp recovery main menu, go to backip section and then create a nandroid backup.Thats’s it

          • Where do I download the twrp recovery for my tab….. Please send me a link…. And Thanks alot

          • Bro one more doubt…. Is my Samsung Galaxy tab 3.8.0 SM-T311 a 32bit or 64bit.. Because I want to download the Gapps which has four platforms ARM, ARM64,×86 and ×86_64….so which of the following should I download?

          • Bro I want to download the Gapps which has four platforms ARM, ARM64, ×86 and ×86_64 which should I download for my Samsung Galaxy tab 3.8.0 SM-T311

          • Hey there I have a Samsung Galaxy four sprint rooted that had Cyanogenmod on it also had twarp misspelled sorry anyway I accidentally went to the little guy by pressing volume down and power now I can’t get back to twarp and when I turn it on it says keeps flashing different error message s and won’t let me past them. What do I do

          • Please may you help me with a video which will guide me? My android device is Samsung Galaxy tab 3.8.0 SM-T311 and am just a newbie.. But my android is rooted

  2. bro i have n910u marshmallows ,when i try to flash it says ; custom binary blocked by A/L ; any help please

  3. If i have installed custom recovery, can i restore to stock recovery? If can, how to restore from custom recovery to stock recovery? Sorry for ask 🙂

  4. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4936eb69cc2b96d9d2025d71357003b3b73144da710dde0611fbb6e17e8ac987.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fc29bd31ca35e579001887afbcd228c590ae60a8868711eac4edf2c753fe2878.png I have a SM-N910V on 6.0.1 and I keep getting a fail message in odin when loading twrp recovery. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b64d9150686897ef848e8f3db87a3a2f5229c8dabae07adb6e9ddb1058ae28c2.jpg Basically I’ve searched and tried every TWRP for my phone imaginable and they always start then give a fail message for whatever reason I don’t know. Any advice would be appreciated. Im using Odin v3.11.1 if that makes a difference I doubt it does though. Thanks.

  5. i keep getting fail when adding the twrp file into odin
    this isnt really my forte, so im probably doing something wrong.
    using a galaxy note 4 and twrp file is

  6. Alright going for round 2 at this root, i have cheked and double checked that i downloaded the correct twrp file for my galaxy note 4 (n910t) i have used Odin to flash twrp onto my device it passed successful. When i boot into recovery mode it is still my stock firmware recovery not twrp.

  7. Ok, first time rooting a Samsung phone but it is a little confusing. first it says for pre-requirements is that the boot-loader needs to be unlocked but to unlock the boot-loader it needs to be rooted??? how can i root if the boot-loader has to be unlocked first but it prevents me from rooting the phone since it says i need root to unlock it? I have the samsung note 4 N910V model. using Android 6.0.

  8. bro.. TWRP Mode not show up … after i press Volume up + Power + Home android system recovery show up.. please help me… how to show up TWRP mode??? i’m using samsung J1 ace model SM-J110G/DS, android version 4.4.4

  9. bro.. TWRP Mode not show up … after i press Volume up + Power + Home
    android system recovery show up.. please help me… how to
    show up TWRP mode??? i’m using samsung J1 ace model SM-J110G/DS,
    android version 4.4.4

  10. bro.. TWRP Mode not show up … after i press Volume up + Power + Home
    android system recovery show up.. please help me… how to
    show up TWRP mode??? i’m using samsung J1 ace model SM-J110G/DS,
    android version 4.4.4 ….

  11. bro.. TWRP Mode not show up … after i press Volume up + Power + Home
    android system recovery show up.. please help me… how to
    show up TWRP mode??? i’m using samsung J1 ace model SM-J110G/DS,
    android version 4.4.4

  12. I have flashed using ODIN, but when I go into recovery mode, TWRP does not boot. Why is this? Using SM-N910T with 6.0.1 updated.

  13. mine is SM-N910H,

    1. how to unlock bootloader on my device
    2. what kind of Samsung USB driver which I need to download for my device?
    I don’t even know what is KIES, ADB, or else,

    3. I have Odin v3.11.2, will that be fine?

  14. Hi, I’m stuck in a bootloop after this. I can boot into reovery only.
    Galaxy note 4 sm-n910g
    Any advice?

  15. Dude plz help me, mine’s a note 4 SM-N910T. I downloaded the TWRP from this site and flashed it via odin,but still cant get into TWRP mode by pressing home+vol up + power??

  16. TWRP not installing THEN SEE THIS ….. http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/137736/cant-install-twrp-on-note-4

    Note many devices will replace your custom recovery (TWRP in this case) automatically during first boot. Once TWRP is booted, TWRP will patch the stock ROM to prevent the stock ROM from replacing TWRP. If you don’t follow this step, you will have to repeat the install.

    Pull your battery, and disable auto-reboot in Odin connect via USB then boot into download mode to install TWRP as per instructions above. When successfully completed disconnect and phone will shutdown immediately, now you can replace your battery. Now when you power into recovery mode TWRP will have replaced your stock recovery 🙂

    • Yep. I also stumbled across this problem, and the exact same solution as you. Unfortunately I keep getting the “Seandroid Enforcing” problem using _any_ version of TWRP for my device :(.

  17. Hello Dibyajyoti…. thank you so much for taking your time to help us. Mine is Samsung Galaxy S8 which just released today 4/22/2017. I cannot find “Enable OEM unlock” under Developer Option. Could it be in another name? Please help. I’m trying to get my Call Recorder to work. When I bought this phone this morning and the store initiated to get the phone going, the Call Recorder was working. However, I wanted to start clean so I reset to factory settings and now Call Recorder doesn’t work. I’ve resetted 3 times and to no avail. I tried downloading different Call Recorder apps and I have the same problem. Apparently there is a way to make it work but first the phone have to be rooted? I cannot find any other instructions out there for galaxy S8.

  18. Hello Dibyajyot: I just bought the new
    Galaxy S8 yesterday. I tried to follow your instructions but I was stuck under click
    on “OEM” under Developer. It does not
    have that feature. I’m trying to root my
    phone because Call Recorder no longer works and it doesn’t matter which call
    recorder apps I tried 4 different ones and to no avail. It’s weird because when
    I purchased it yesterday, it works and I was happy. However, I wanted to start and wipe clean my
    new cell so I resetted it to factory settings. I have done this 3 times and I get the same frustrating
    result. Call Recording no longer work. Can
    you please help on this? I spent all day
    yesterday just trying to do this. If
    this doesn’t work I may have to return this phone. I record calls because I’m in sales and
    clients sometimes have strong accents and the only way for me to understand
    them is to listen to the recorded conversation over and over again. I really need this in my business. Please help me :–((

  19. I have a SM-N910F of H3G brand (Italy) latest firmware, could u guide me with a video/tutorial how to do all process? (From unlocking bootloader to root and twrp and flashing roms) Thank you very much

  20. I have the galaxy j3 emerge; this is my first time rooting any device. I followed all instructions to the letter, however when I go the recovery, pressing home+power+up volume then let all go at once once logo and booting screen comes up, i get a NO COMMAND then it takes me to the rebooting options. I am uncertain if I should be getting the down android with No Command, can you tell me if somehow I’ve done something wrong because it is not booting by itself and I am not seeing the twrp. I get reboot system now, reboot to bootloader apply update from abd, apply update from sd card then the wipe options, mount/system options

    I need some help here

    Just to add I selected reboot system now then followed the steps with installing supersu but when I open it, it says system not rooted then gives me a link to learn how to root which wasn’t helpful

    Can you please direct me in what I might be doing wrong? I get ssi so my funds are limited; if I cannot figure this out on my own or with your help, could you refer me to someone who can properly root my phone for a reasonably low cost? One-click Root charges just under 35.00 and that’s too steep on my budget

    Thanks bunches

  21. Hi i hope this discussion still alive.
    Anyway lets start with my case.
    I am currently using my samsung galaxy note 3 n9005 rooted with a Custom rom ( magma Aos6.0.1) for a long time now
    So that only means, i have my TWRP 2.8.7 working fine as well.
    But i dont know what happened , i tried to install the updated TWRP v3+
    I may sounds stupid as i dont know exactly what i flashed, downloaded the TWRP app from PS, flashed the lastest TWRP version from the app, reboot to recovery but surprised that it brought me to ODIN mode.
    Seems like my custom recovery wasnt there anymore.
    Cant reboot my phone to work during that time.
    So i flashed TWRP 2.8.7 from ODIN to get my phone to work.
    So i thought that i have my custom recovery back.
    But found out, everytime i go to recovery, it always taking me to ODIN mode.
    i do not have the custom recovery again, and need to flash TWRP to get my phone to work.
    Can anyone have the issue as mine?
    Was there any mistakes flashing custom recovery seems like its not actually flashed on my phone?

    • Which phone you are using?
      Try this: Before you flash the recovery, untick the Auto Reboot option in ODIN. Then flash the recovery. After flashing in done, reboot your device directly to recovery mode from download mode by pressing Vol up + Power + Home button together. Now you will see the TWRP recovery is booted in your device. Now you can reboot normally and your TWRP will be installed.

  22. When I try to boot it into TWRP mode, it doesn’t come up with the folders like you see in the screenshots, it just boots into regular recovery mode.

    I thought it might be because I’m trying to use TWRP for Oreo (3.2.3-1) on a Pie device (Samsung SM-T380), but I tried looking for TWRP for Pie a few weeks ago and didn’t find anything.

    • You have to use the right files. Can you share your devices model number and your current Android version? Thanks

  23. I am using JODin because I am on Ubuntu 20. My tablet is a Sm-T380 wifi. When I run JDOdin it connects ok when the tablet is in Download mode. I selected the TWRP image and hit start. It prompts me regarding the partion file and then tells me it will extract it from the firmware. I follow the prompts and nothing happens. when I look at the part.pit file in the tmp folder it is empty. I suspect the process is failing because it can’t get the pit file.
    Since the tablet is wifi version it is not tied to any carrier. It was bought in Australia back in 2018.
    Any clues why this is happening?


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