[Fixed] Unity Crash when opening Hollow Knight error

Hollow Knight is a fairly popular PC game that works as an action-adventure thriller game. It allows the players to explore a journey through the interconnected world featuring multiple cities, dealing with different creatures, and solving mysteries along the way.

Unity Crash when opening Hollow Knight error

As with every game, even Hollow Knight has many errors that users encounter here and there. One of the most common is the unity crash when opening Hollow Knight. It’s a tricky error as it can be due to multiple reasons. For instance, you might not have installed the game properly or you might not have the prerequisites to install the game.

What is unityplayer.dll Error?

unityplater.dll error occurs when the DLL file is deleted or corrupted. It could be a virus or a file that was accidentally deleted. Unityplayer.dll is a Payload Studios file. So this error occurs in Hollow Knight. This file renders 3D effects in games, so without it, they won’t work.

Methods to fix the Hollow Knight crashing error

Unity Crash when opening Hollow Knight error

The game could crash for multiple reasons but you won’t know the exact cause until you’ve applied the solution. Here, you’ll get to know about the different methods to fix the crashing error.

Increase PC resources

Open the Task Manager when the game is running and check how many resources are being used. If the PC memory and processors are at maximum capacity, your PC might not have enough resources needed for running the game. Try to close other programs and free up some memory and CPU cores.

Update the graphics driver

Install the latest graphics driver for your graphics card and it might do the trick. An outdated driver is the worst thing that you can do to a game and it’ll considerably affect the performance even if you can get the game to run.

Increase the FPS

Low FPS might be hindering the game due to the graphics card being completely exhausted. You should head over to the game’s graphics settings and disable anti-aliasing. Moreover, reduce the settings for post-processing. This will improve the performance while raising the FPS without compromising the resolution too much.

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