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A few weeks back, Google released the Android 12L firmware update for its Pixel Series devices. This new update has hit Pixel and other Android devices with the firmware version Android 12.1. Android 12L is a special update that makes the latest Android 12 even better on foldable devices and tablets. The Android 12.1 update is optimized and polished for large screens, which makes multitasking more intuitive and powerful while improving compatibility support such that the apps don’t look better right out of the box.

Download Android 12.1Google Apps for ARM and ARM 64 devices

In this article, you’ll find Gapps that support the latest Android 12L ROM compatible with many device architectures (ARM 64, ARM, X86. Google Apps packages will be available from a handful of developers like flamegapps and MindTheGapps with flashable zips.

Android 12.1/Android 12L is relatively new. This means that Google Apps or Gapps take a bit of time to develop. Currently, only a handful of Gapps have been made available for Android 12L yet. It includes MindTheGapps and a few custom/modified Gapps from Android 12 that work smoothly for Android 12.1

Download MindTheGapps 12.1

Gapps for Android 12.1 or 12L

Download Gapps for Android 12 Custom ROMs and GSI

FlameGapps Mod for Android 12.1

[Gapps] Download Google Apps for Android 12L or Android 12.1

Most Google Apps didn’t get updated for Android 12L. The SDK got bumped from 31 to 32. Thanks to Ivan_Meler, an XDA developer who edited Flamegapps from Android 12 to make them compatible with Android 12.1

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