Google Chrome announced Help Me Write AI tool for improved content writing

Google has recently announced multiple AI-powered features for its Chrome browser that include an automatic tab organization, generative AI wallpapers, AI theme creation, etc. Meanwhile, a report by AP comes out that the Help Me Write AI tool has also been announced for Chrome so the users can start writing content or improve the content depending on suggestions. Well, it’s one kind of a ChatGPT similar service that we can’t deny.

This specific AI-assisted writing tool for the Google Chrome browser is currently rolling out in the US and will soon arrive in other countries. The Help Me Write feature is rolling with the Chrome 122 launch as an integral part.

In the later part, more desktops and mobile phones will be able to receive the same update with this writing tool in English. We’re not sure whether Google will push multiple language support for this feature or not.

Google Chrome announced Help Me Write AI tool for improved content writing

Needless to say, this AI-powered writing tool is run by Gemini which is Google’s generative AI model. We all know about Google and its services due to their frequent improvements and patch updates. So, we can also expect that the assistive writing tool will receive more features in the upcoming updates.

As a user, you will have to suggest key elements of the content that you want and the Help Me Write tool will do the job for you. It can also improve your existing written content and tweak it accordingly. Due to the AI generative model, this tool understands better about your feedback and does it accordingly.

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Currently, this feature can be used on Chrome settings under the Experimental AI section where you can already find other AI-based functionalities. After enabling this experimental feature on Chrome, you’ll have to close and relaunch the Chrome browser to get it working. The AI-powered writing tool is only available for the desktop version of Chrome at the time of publishing this article.

We can expect Google to include this feature inside the Gboard app for mobile devices to improve your text writing and other note writing using AI. As there is no official statement released yet by the company regarding the laptop or mobile version announcement, we’ll have to wait for it.

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