Google Keep set to get AI-powered Help Me Create a List feature

In recent years, Google has been giving more importance to AI-processing capabilities in its devices while also integrating AI-powered features into its apps and services. Next up on the list is the Google Keep app, which could be getting the AI-powered Help Me Create a List feature.

The features will come to Workspace Labs, which is an experimental program dedicated to testing the AI-powered features that Google has been developing since some of them have already started receiving a pop-up inviting them to sign up.

In this guide, you will get to learn more about Google Keep receiving the AI-powered Help Me Create a List feature.

Google Keep set to get AI-powered Help Me Create a List feature

Help me create a list

The leak has revealed an APK insight on the newest Google Keep app version and discovered references to the aforementioned “Help Me Create a List” feature in development. Among its different options, Google Keep will allow you to create lists, which means integrating a feature that automates this process via a basic initial prompt can be quite useful.

References to the Help Me Create a List feature were initially found in the v5.23.462.05.90 update. Once available, the option would appear as a floating button after creating new notes. If you’re clicking on the option, you’ll be receiving suggested prompts in a text box, although you can even write a custom one. The app will generate a list that is based on the prompt you type.

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You can give the app a “steps for brewing coffee” prompt, to which the Google Keep app will be able to generate the related instructions. It doesn’t seem that Google wants the AI-powered lists to offer detailed or in-depth results, but a starting point that can be expanded or complemented on your own.

Due to the current state of development of the feature, it is suggested that it might take long for it to be available to everyone. You should wait and see if it comes true and all Google Keep users are soon able to enjoy this useful “Help Me Create a List” option.

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