Google Messages set to introduce the Record a Selfie GIF feature

Google Messages is a popular messaging app and it constantly gets blessed with new updates and upgrades. The recent addition to have been made to Google Messages is to allow you to record a selfie GIF.

The new Record a Selfie GIF will allow you to inject more personality and visual flair into the conversations. While I received this update and was thrilled with this feature, not everyone has received it.

Here, I will tell you more about this new feature and what you can expect from the Record a Selfie GIF.

What to expect from Record a Selfie GIF feature

Record a Selfie

As reported, the Record a Selfie is an upcoming feature that has been rumored since January. This update will be a playful and engaging addition to Google’s Messaging app. As opposed to the features announced when RCS reached a billion monthly active users, this time Google has opted for a quieter approach and updated its support pages, hence confirming the existence of the feature.

While I received this update, unfortunately, not everyone has received this feature yet. For instance, one of my smartphones that is on the newest version of the Google Messages beta and running Android 15 Beta 1 has not had this feature activated for me yet.

The rollout could be server-wide and be one of those features that roll out in the stable version of Google Messages before it does in the beta. In either case, Google has outlined the entire process in a few steps –

  • I started by opening up a conversation in Google Messages
  • Then, I long-pressed the camera icon present in the text field
  • After that, I got a prompt within the conversation that suggested I record a selfie GIF and once I got this prompt, I tapped it
  • Once that happens, I got a short countdown before the recording starts and stops
  • For more control, I was able to tap the red button for manually starting the recording with the option to restart
  • Once I captured a three-second selfie GIF, it automatically got saved to my camera roll for easy sharing

We hope this helped you learn more about Google Messages adding the Record a Selfie GIF feature. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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