Download and use Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera on any Android smartphone

Android fanatics, especially the ones who love the Pixel lineup, were eagerly awaiting the launch of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices, and they certainly weren’t disappointed after the official release in October 2021. The devices had a crisp UI, bigger display, new in-house Tensor chipset, and much-improved cameras out of the box. Although most users are big fans of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro cameras, very few can afford those handsets. A lot of Android users often think if there was a way to download and use the Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera APK on their Android smartphones. Continue reading and you just might get the answer you’re looking for.

Run Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera on your Android device

To date, there aren’t many third-party or even stock camera apps that can compare to the Google Camera app, which takes your mobile photography game to a whole new level. Even if your non-Pixel device has multiple camera modes, a better lens, and other features, the camera app will unlikely be enough to process the images at the highest level while bringing out tremendous picture quality.

If you own a non-Pixel Android smartphone and are looking to use the exceptional Google Camera app of Pixel 6 Pro, then this guide will be of great help to you. Here, you’ll get the download link and get to know the features of the Google Camera 8.4 APK that brings in all the improved and exclusive features on your device.

Download Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera APK and use it on your non-Pixel Android device

You will need to download the camera app file via the first download link, then install the Split APKs installer app. This will allow you to install the Google Camera APK on any Android device seamlessly. For doing that, you can simply tap on the “Install APKs” button and then locate the “Google Camera 8.4.200″ APK file. Following that, simply enable the checkbox for confirmation, tap on “Select” and start the installation process on your non-Pixel Android device.

In case any update prompt pops up, confirm the process, and then wait for the installation to complete. Once the process is finished, simply reboot the device and enjoy the Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera on your non-Pixel Android device.

Compatible Devices and Requirement

  • The apk will work on all most all Android devices
  • Will work with phones with the camera2 API enabled

 NOTE: If Camera2api is not enabled, enable it by using the following build.prop (works on few devices)
  • Newer Android versions are compatible (all features work) with newer Gcam MODs
  • If using Custom ROM, must have Gapps.

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