Google Play Store set to receive a new update with build number

Google Play Store is the primary source where every Android user can get all sorts of apps, games, movies, books, and more on their Android smartphone. From Google Play Store, it is possible to download, rent, or purchase those apps, games, books, movies, and more.

Now, Google Play Store is also in dire need of an update and it’s important to understand why. As it’s common knowledge that every app needs an update from time to time so that the bugs can be fixed and new features can be added to the app. This update will add new features required for user benefit and the app will be able to work smoothly with the system and supported apps.

What’s new in the Google Play Store update

Google Play Store is an app that needs updating such that you can download, update, and install any apps without any bugs or failure in any way. The update will come in the form of version and it’ll fix the bugs and improve the performance of the Play Store. In the Google Play Store’s new update, many bug fixes have been made and improved the vulnerability and accessibility such that users can use the app without any glitches.

Download the Google Play Store Update

Google Play Store set to receive a new update with build number

If you haven’t downloaded the new Google Play Store Update yet, you can do so manually by clicking the link mentioned in this guide. The Google Play Store Update is around 25.9 MB in size and it’ll be compatible with Android v4.4 and above.

You can download the Google Play Store Update manually by visiting the following link.

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