How to Disable or Remove YouTube Shorts Permanently

YouTube Shorts is one of the most trending features in the social media-savvy world. Similar to TikTok, which has followed it for a number of years and created a vast user base, YouTube Shorts is equally impressive. With YouTube Shorts, you’ll be able to create short-duration videos quickly and grab attention as the video spreads like fire.

However, many users dislike getting disturbed by short-duration videos while searching for informative or detailed information. If you’re looking to disable YouTube Shorts, this video will be of great use to you. In this guide, you’ll get to know different methods to Disable or Remove YouTube Shorts Permanently.

If you ever want to turn off YouTube Shorts for good, you have many options. They are detailed below. Every user has the option to select their preferred approach.

How to Disable or Remove YouTube Shorts Permanently

Disable or Remove YouTube Shorts Permanently

Method 1: Tell YouTube you aren’t interested

  • Click on the vertical ellipses (three dots) located in the top-right corner of YouTube Shorts on your home feed
  • You will notice a menu where you should click on the first option “Not Interested”
  • Repeat this step with each video in the section
  • Scroll down your feed until you’ve seen the next section of YouTube Shorts before repeating this process

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Method 2: Uninstall all the updates

  • Head over to Settings and then select Apps or Manage Apps
  • Select the YouTube app
  • On this page, you will get the three vertical dots
  • Tapping on it will show you a menu where you’ll need to select “Uninstall Updates

Method 3: Using the YouTube app settings

  • Tap on your Profile Picture
  • On the next page, select Settings and the option “General”
  • This page will feature an option called “Shorts” with a button next to it as you’ll need to click to turn off Shorts from your YouTube app permanently

Method 4: Downgrade to an older version

YouTube Shorts is a new feature that has recently been rolled out to the YouTube mobile app. You will be able to get rid of it by downgrading to an older version of this app. This feature started rolling out from YouTube 14.13.54 (1413542300), which means that downgrading to the YouTube 14.12.56 (141256300) will help you get far away from the YouTube Shorts. Remember, you’ll need to turn on the “Install from Unknown Resources” option from Settings before you install any app other than the Play Store.

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