How to enable navigation gestures on OnePlus 6

Today we will be sharing a detailed guide on How to enable navigation gestures on OnePlus 6 and How to use it. We all know that Android manufacturers follow Apple’s footsteps and this is not a bad thing. Apple always implements new things whether it is a notch on the top of the screen or adding navigation gestures. OnePlus has implemented both the features on their latest Flagship OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6 comes with a different design from the previous OnePlus devices. The company went with a notch display to given users a better media experience. The device has 6.3 inches of an AMOLED screen and Screen-to-body ratio is 83.81%. Now the company also allow users to hide the onscreen navigation buttons completely. Users now have an option to use navigation gestures on OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 is not the first device to get this feature. OnePlus has added to OnePlus 5T earlier this year. This comes in handy if you don’t like the navigation buttons and want to use the full screen while watching movies or playing games. So follow the guide to enable navigation gestures on OnePlus 6

Steps to enable navigation gestures on OnePlus 6

  • Go to Settings from the app drawer or notification bar
  • Now tap Buttons

Screenshot 20180523 124911

  • Once inside, click on Navigation bar & gestures.

Screenshot 20180523 124915

  • Select Navigation gestures.

Screenshot 20180523 124933

How to use navigation gestures on OnePlus 6

| There is a video instruction at the bottom of Navigation bar & gestures submenu which will guide you to use navigation gestures on OnePlus 6.

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Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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