How to fix Dark Arts Cosmetic Set Not Showing in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a recently launched action role-playing open world action RPG. This game is based on the Harry Potter novels and set in the wizarding world. Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software have done an amazing job with this game and the players have to take control of the action and it can lead to different adventures.

You will be able to explore both familiar and new locations in the Harry Potter world and allow you to discover magical beasts and customize the character. You can even craft potions, upgrade talents, learn spell casting, and become a wizard. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Dark Arts Cosmetic Set Not Showing in Hogwarts Legacy.

Why is there Dark Arts Cosmetic Set error in the game?

The Dark Arts Cosmetics isn’t showing in the game as you haven’t equipped any gear yet. Dark Arts Cosmetics is a form of cosmetics or appearance and not actual gear. Hence, if you haven’t equipped any gear, you will not be able to equip the set. You will also have to complete the game’s prologue for customizing your appearance.

How to fix Dark Cosmetics Set Not Showing in Hogwarts Legacy

How to fix Dark Arts Cosmetic Set Not Showing in Hogwarts Legacy

To fix Dark Arts Cosmetic Set Not Showing, you will first have to equip something in all slots first. Then, you need to hover over a gear and change its appearance to a Dark Arts Cosmetic. Here are the steps you can use for fixing this issue –

  • Launch the game on your console
  • Head over to the Gear/Appearance menu
  • Then, you should try and equip something in each slot
  • Now, go to the gear item and press the X button on Xbox or square button on PlayStation
  • Finally, you need to select a Dark Arts Cosmetics set
  • Follow these steps again to repeat this process for changing the appearance of whatever you need

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