How To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Crash Issue

Rainbow Six Siege is a very popular online shooter game which is currently experiencing severe crashing issues whenever players attempt to engage in crossplay on Xbox and PlayStation.

Ubisoft’s support team has acknowledged the problem and is currently investigating it, but there is no official fix or solution available at this time.

About Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Crash Issue

Users can play Rainbow Six Siege on various platforms, like Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, and more. The game also lets you crossplay with other platforms, including Stadia and Luna. But some players have a problem where the game crashes when they crossplay. No one knows why this happens, but some players think it might be because of compatibility issues.

For instance, one player said that their game crashed when they played with Xbox players from PlayStation, but the Xbox players were fine. This problem happens to players on all platforms, but most of the reports are from Xbox Series X and PC users.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Crash Issue Reported By A Reddit User

How to Resolve the Issue Temporarily

In the meantime, players can try the following methods for a temporary fix:

  • Check platform compatibility: Rainbow Six Siege does not support crossplay between PC and Xbox. Make sure that you are attempting crossplay between compatible platforms, such as PlayStation and Xbox, or PC and Stadia/Luna.
  • Update the game: Make sure both you and your crossplay partner have the latest version of the game installed.
  • Check system requirements: Ensure that both you and your crossplay partner meet the minimum system requirements for Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Turn off crossplay communication: If you are experiencing issues with crossplay, try turning off crossplay communication in the game settings.
  • Unfriend and refriend on Ubisoft Connect: Some users have reported that unfriending and refriending each other on Ubisoft Connect has resolved the crossplay issue.
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