How to remove about:blank page in web browsers

Are you annoyed by the “about:blank” page that appears every time you open a new tab or window in your web browser? If so, then this guide is for you. In this article, we will show how to remove about:blank from all of the major browsers.

What is about:blank?

The “about:blank” page is a built-in feature of web browsers that serves as a placeholder for new tabs and windows. This page is not a website, but a built-in feature of the web browser. It can also be used by the browser for displaying content that isn’t a part of a website, like browser settings or error messages.

Many users find this page to be a useful starting point for their browsing sessions as it’ll offer a clean slate. It will allow you to enter a web address or perform a search without any distractions. Others might find it to be a slight nuisance as it can automatically open when a browser is launched or when a new tab gets created.

How to remove about:blank page in web browsers

remove about:blank page in web browsers

You cannot actually get rid of the about:page or remove it. It is a built-in part of your web browser and it’ll always remain there under the hood. Luckily, there are ways to get rid of (disable) about:blank from all popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox & Safari etc., with relative ease! We have put together detailed instructions below on how exactly one should go about removing these pages in each respective program – so keep reading if this issue has been bugging you lately!

Google Chrome

  • In Google Chrome, you should go to the menu -> Settings
  • Scroll down to the “On Startup” section
  • Choose either the “Open the New Tab page” or delete the “about:blank” page from the web page that opens on the startup
  • Now, choose your favorite web page

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on Menu -> select Options –> go to Home
  • Choose your desired home page for the new tabs or windows page
  • Make sure “about:blank” or “Blank Page” is not selected here

Apple Safari

  • Click on Safari -> Preferences -> General
  • Under Homepage, you should remove “about:blank” and then enter your desired home page

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser

  • Click on Menu -> Settings -> On startup
  • Now, choose “Open a new tab” or remove the “about:blank” page from the list of pages that Edge opens up when you launch it

In conclusion , hope above steps regarding removal process were clear enough help everyone out who looking get rid annoying “about-blanks” appearing randomly during browsing session times.

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