How to root Android 12-based MIUI 13 Beta smartphones

Android 12-based MIUI 13 Beta version has officially been released and with new firmware come new features and new opportunities for customization. The rooting technique for the MIUI 13 firmware will be very different. In this article, you will get to know all about rooting MIUI 13 Beta and the step-by-step instructions.

Any customization will need to be done on the MIUI 13 device after rooting. An MIUI Mod must be installed while an LSPosed module needs to be loaded. You will then be able to customize and make as many changes as you can possibly think of. However, these will require Magisk to be installed. Rooting with Magisk if done in the wrong manner could create problems on your MIUI 13 and Android 12 devices. However, with this version of Magisk and these instructions, you will not face any issues.

Step 1: Required steps before you start rooting

  • Before you begin rooting, you must have TWRP installed on your Xiaomi device.
  • Download the latest Magisk

Step 2: Install and rename the file

  • Install the downloaded app-debug.apk file.
  • Find the downloaded file in the app manager and then select it.
  • Tap on More and then tap Rename.
  • Rename the “app-debug.apk” file to “”.

Step 3: Flash Magisk from TWRP

  • Power off your Xiaomi device.
  • Enter TWRP with the key combo (by pressing and holding the volume up and power button). You’ll need to install TWRP before doing that.
  • Tap install and then find the “” file. Select and swipe the file to confirm flash.
  • Tap on “reboot system”.
  • Done, your Xiaomi device is rooted now.


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