How to unlock Room 302 in Warzone 2

Room 302 in Call of Duty Warzone 2 remains an intriguing and elusive challenge for players. The space and contents of the room can only be unlocked using a small-scale mission in the DMZ mode outside the battle royale. Many players struggle to access Room 302 because of the nature of the strongholds of AI enemies that shoot with surprising accuracy to end the attempt swiftly. If you’re struggling with unlocking Room 302, then this guide is just for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to unlock Room 302 in Warzone 2.

How to unlock Room 302 in Warzone 2

Players who are pursuing this mission for the rewards are recommended to bring an ally or two. The mission labeled “Good Fortune” will lead you to Room 302 as they search the open Al Mazrah map for the area known as the Sawah Hotel located in Sawah Village. Once you’re near the southwest edge of the map, you need to clear out the area of enemies before you try to reach the top floor.

Once you have entered to find a locked Room 302, you won’t require a specific item or key for unlocking the area. Instead, you need to travel to the roof of the building and find an alternative route, which will allow you to enter Room 302 through a skylight in the northwest corner. However, players should still be wary of the DMZ mode enemies as many of them actively defend the roof from this approach.

What rewards will you find in Room 302?

unlock Room 302 in Warzone 2

The primary objective of unlocking Room 302 is to loot for the .50 GS weapon, a hand cannon sporting great damage over long ranges while acting as the miniature sniper rifle. There are other rewards in Room 302 but they’re randomly generated in the same fashion as other crates throughout the Al Mazrah map. In addition to the items found in this room, the players will also receive a Contraband weapon, 10,000 XP, and TAQ-M.


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