How to Unlock the Performance Center Arena in WWE 2K23


WWE 2K23 is the newest installment of the incredibly popular WWE game series. This game comes with many exciting features, stunning visuals, and a glittering cast of WWE Superstars and retired legends.

The game developers have put in more effort than ever before to enhance the gaming experience, which is evident in the final product and the improved graphics and engaging gameplay. There are many notable additions to the game but most players are curious about one mode –the Performance Center Arena.

If you want to unlock and play this mode, then this guide is perfect for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to unlock the performance center arena in WWE 2K23.

How to unlock the Performance Center Arena in WWE 2K23

How to Unlock the Performance Center Arena in WWE 2K23

For unlocking the Performance Center Arena in the game, you’ll have to complete the tutorial for WWE 2K23. More often than not, people skip over this, especially the veteran players of WWE 2K22. As the gameplay for WWE 2K23 is similar to its predecessor, going through the tutorial may seem like a hassle and something unnecessary.

If you have accidentally skipped the tutorial, don’t worry as you can still unlock the Performance Center. To do that, you should directly head to the options tab and play the tutorial there. This will unlock the Performance Center arena for online and exhibition modes but not for Universe mode. It might disappoint players who mainly enjoy Universe mode but there is still a solution.

If you’re among those players who only play the Universe Mode, you can easily contact the WWE 2K team on social media and request them that they bring the Performance Center to Universe mode. This is an easy change for Visual Concepts, even though it just will not have any entrances or much of a crowd.

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