Huawei P40 and Mate 40 series get June 2022 HarmonyOS security update

Huawei has released a new HarmonyOS update for the P40 and Mate 40 series. The latest software update brings the June 2022 security patch that fixes numerous vulnerabilities of different levels in order to tighten the security and privacy department.

The Huawei P40 series comprises 4 models – P40 4G, P40 5G, P40 Pro, and P40 Pro+. On the other hand. Huawei released 5 models in the Mate 40 series. These are Mate 40, Mate 40 Pro, Mate 40 Pro+, Mate 40 RS, and Mate 40E. All the devices are getting the June 2022 security patch and a couple of optimizations.

Huawei is rolling out the latest HarmonyOS update to these model numbers:

Huawei P40 series

  • P40 5G (ANA-AN00)
  • P40 5G (ANA-TN00)
  • P40 4G (ANA-AL00)
  • P40 Pro (ELS-AN00)
  • P40 Pro (ELS-TN00)
  • P40 Pro+ (ELS-AN10)

Huawei Mate 40 series

  • Mate 40 (OCE-AN10)
  • Mate 40 Pro (NOH-AN00)
  • Mate 40 Pro (NOH-AN01)
  • Mate 40 Pro (NOH-AL00/NOH-AL10)
  • Mate 40 Pro+ (NOP-AN00)
  • Mate 40 RS Porsche Design (NOP-AN00)
  • Mate 40E (OCE-AN50)
  • Mate 40E 4G (OCE-AL50)

Huawei Mate 40 series is getting the June 2022 security update with the HarmonyOS version To get this update, Mate 40E users will require the software version. The changelog reveals that the Mate 40 series phones are getting optimizations to system stability and system security protection capabilities.

The P40 series is getting the HarmonyOS version, an upgrade from It also brings the June 2022 security patch and optimizations to protection capabilities.

Huawei Mate 40, P40 series June 2022 security update

If you’re a proud owner of the Huawei Mate or P40 series, navigate to Settings -> System & Updates -> Software Updates and tap on Check for Updates to check if the update is already reached your phone. If you see a new firmware, tap on Download and Install button to update your phone.

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