List of All Butterfly Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are 15 Butterfly Locations that unlock collectible items. Unlike other Collectibles, these locations aren’t marked on the game map. They only appear on the Minimap once you get close to them. If you’re struggling to find the locations, then this guide will be helpful to you. In this guide, you will get to know the list of all Butterfly Locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

List of all butterfly locations in Hogwarts Legacy

List of All Butterfly Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

  1. Pitt-Upon-Ford – There’s a set of butterflies if you’re taking the eastern road out of the Pitt-Upon-Ford the Hamlet.
  2. Hogsmeade – Begin at Hogsmeade and then travel east towards a large hill incline. You will get a road along this hill, which ravels west in a curved angle southwards as well as a road heading east. There is also a fork that is heading south, which goes up the hill. In the middle of the southern section of this road will be butterflies, taking you to a Merlin Trial guarded by Poacher Trackers .
  3. Forbidden Forest – There are a few Poacher camps lying in the heart of the Forbidden Forest. There’s one on the east side of the Forest, which his facing the mountain. Travel to Jack Daw’s Tomb before flying your broom over the pond water. Then, head east and towards the mountain while following the path north to reach them.
  4. Quidditch Pitch Cliffs – In the southeast portion of the Quidditch Stadium, there will be cliffs and mountains. You can easily fly here on your broom and follow the road towards Merlin Trail. Here, you’ll find a natural stone archway with butterflies along the pathway to it.
  5. North Hogwarts Region – There’s a large stream that flows through the North Hogwarts area. Follow the stream along and partway through the northern side of the bank, you’ll come across a flock of butterflies.
  6. Aranshire – If you’re moving southwest of the Aranshire Hamlet, you’ll come across butterflies near the Merlin Trail. You should remain with a reasonable distance or you might miss them.
  7. Brocburrow Viadust – When traveling west of Brocburrow Hamlet, you’ll come across a train viadust the Hogwarts Express travels over. Below it will be a butterfly location, which would take you through the archways.
  8. Keenbridge Ruin – There’s a ruin to the southeast of Keenbridge beside a stream that flows from the east. You will come across some butterflies along the stream’s northern bank close to the ruin.
  9. West Keenbridge – Head over to Keenbridge Hamlet in the Hogwarts Valley area before traveling along the western road. After then, go all the way towards the cliffs along the north of the western-facing road and you will come across butterflies near the trees next to the road.
  10. Feldcroft North – If you’re traveling over the bay toward the north of Rookwood castle, you will land on the cliff edge facing the castle. There will be butterflies along the bay’s cliff edge.
  11. Feldcroft Catacombs – Head over to the Catacombs Floo Flame before traveling southeast sticking to the cliff’s edge. You’ll find the butterfly location above the loyalist camp.
  12. South Poidsear Coast – You should travel to the South Poidsear Floo flame along the southern coast. Once you reach the tiny village, you will see butterflies next to the Floo Flame.
  13. North Poidsear Coast – Travel to the North Poidsear Coast Floo Flame before walking down the road traveling east. You will come to a circular part of the road that has butterflies on the left side of it.
  14. Clagmar Coast – On the north-western to of the region, you should travel to the Northwest from the Clagmar Castle to the hills near the watery bay. You need to go as high up the hill as possible and you’ll find butterflies at the top of it.


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