Magisk v14.5 update brings ability to hide root access easily

Magisk v14.5 is now released and it brings ability to hide root access easily: Magisk has been growing in popularity among the users who like to tinker with their device from early days and want to gain root access to the device. There was only one way to gain root access earlier which was to install an app called SuperSU via TWRP recovery which was massively popular and it is still popular these days also but the popularity of SuperSU has come down due to the arrival of Magisk.

Now, the one problem with superSU which is an advantage with Magisk is that SuperSU needed the system partitions to be modified for gaining root access which was not always feasible and also there were some problems from time to time in this method.

Now, Magisk is a systemless method of achieving root access which means that you do not have to tinker with any system partitions to have the ability to access root folders on your phone. Also, there have been many updates to Magisk and we have seen the app progress to the level it is today.

Magisk has just been updated to version 14.5 and out of all the changes that have been included inside the update, the major change with this update is that it has now become easier to hide root access even if we have rooted our device through Magisk.

Apart from that, the latest update to Magisk v14.5 also includes Dynamic Runtime Initramfs setup, which makes the installation process similar on any supported device as earlier it was different to install Magisk on different devices. As we mentioned earlier, it has now become truly easy after this update to hide root access so now you can enjoy every application from the Google Play Store without getting affected by Google’s SafetyNet API which does not let you download some apps if you have a rooted device.

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Abhishek Jariwala
Abhishek Jariwala
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