Microsoft starts rolling out the latest Windows 11 Build 22623.885

Microsoft has started rolling out the new Windows 11 Insider Build 22623.885 to the Beta channel. The new update for the beta channel has been released after a week’s gap. The latest Beta build comes with a series of new features and changes. The latest Windows 11 update comes with new features and changes enabled by default. Meanwhile, the build 22621.885 comes with a few features off by default. The beta channel users will be able to get any of the two builds.

Features in the Windows 11 Build 22623.885 and 22621.885

The latest Windows 11 Build 22623.885 will bring in the new Windows Studio effect shortcut in Quick Settings on the Taskbar for devices that support the Neural Processing Unit. Using the Windows Studio Effect, the users will be able to change the background effect, automatic framing, eye contact, and voice focus easily.

Energy Recommendation is another new option in Settings and it’ll show the recommendations by following you can improve your PC energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint. The new Windows build will also bring in the option for expanding the widgets. When you click the widgets in the taskbar, it’ll open a small widget board. However, you’ll be able to click on the Expand icon for increasing the widgets board size to full view.

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How to download and install the new Windows 11 Build

Microsoft starts rolling out the latest Windows 11 Build 22623.885

The Windows 11 Build 22623.885 is a new preview update that has been made available to users who have updated their PC to the latest update. As it’s a preview update, you’ll get it in the option update. For manually updating to the new version, head over to Settings -> Windows Update -> Advanced Options -> Optional Updates. After that, you have to select the update and then click on the Download and Install button. The update is rolling out in batches, so it might not b available to all the Insiders at first.

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