Microsoft starts pushing Windows 11 Build 22635.2771 update to the Beta Channel

Microsoft has started releasing a new update to Insiders in the Beta channel. There are different channels in the Insider Program, with the Beta Channel being one of them.

In the beta channel, there are many updates that pop up almost every other week. Today, a new Windows 11 update has been pushed to the Beta channel as users have started getting Windows 11 Build 22635.2771 (KB5032283).

Recently, Microsoft rolled out the Windows 11 23H2 to the Public and now the Beta channels have got a new update too. The Windows 11 Build 22635.2771 is a big update and it will bring in a bunch of new features, changes, and improvements.

Changelog for the Windows 11 Build 22635.2771 Update

Windows 11 Build 22635

Now, coming to what’s new in the Windows 11 Build 22635.2771 update, it will bring the previews for natural voices of up to 10 new languages including Chinese, English (UK), English (India), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), French, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, and German. Moreover, users will be able to listen to the previews before downloading the voice model.

In Narrator mode, there’s a new Keyboard command for navigating between the images/graphics on a screen/page. Users will be able to use G or Shift + G. There’s also recognition of text in images, including handwriting, which has been improved in Narrator. In MS Word, the Narrator will announce the presence of a draft comment, a resolved comment, a bookmark, or the availability of accessibility suggestions when you’re reading the text in the document.

The Windows 11 Build 22635.2771 update has greatly improved nearby share transfer speed for users on the same network. Previously, users had to be on the same private network but now they’ll need to be on the same network, which can be public or private. You can turn on nearby share using Quick Settings and right-click on a local file in File Explorer, choose “Share”, and then choose to share to the devices listed under Nearby Share in the Windows share window.

If you turn on nearby sharing using quick settings or directly through Settings and you have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off, it’ll turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on so that nearby sharing works as expected. If you’re turning off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it’ll turn off nearby sharing.

There’s also a new feature added to use Copilot in Windows with Alt + Tab. Using the Alt + Tab hotkey will display the thumbnail preview for Copilot in Windows among other thumbnail previews of open Windows, which you can switch between by pressing Tab.

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