Motorola Razr 5G receives Android 12 stable update

Motorola Razr 5G, the OEM’s second clamshell has started receiving the next major Android 12 software update. The update comes after 17 months of the Android 11 firmware. The Motorola Razr 5G was released in 2020 with Android 10 firmware and last year, it bagged the Android 11 update.

Now, it has started releasing the second OS upgrade. In this guide, you’ll get to know about Motorola Razr 5G bagging the Android 12 stable update.

Motorola has started releasing the Android 12 update for the Motorola Razr 5G and it can be identified with the firmware version S2PS32.57-23-21. Since it’s a major upgrade, it’ll weigh around 1.55 GB in size, so you’ll need to connect your device to a high-speed internet connection and have over 60% battery backup to seamlessly download and install the update. The update is currently in the rollout phase and only available in selected regions, the wider rollout is expected in the coming days and weeks.

Changelog for the Android 12 stable update for Razr 5G

Motorola Razr 5G starts getting Android 12 stable update

In terms of features, Motorola’s My UX based on Android 12 will come with features like Material You, extra dim functionality, new widgets, an updated notification panel, and numerous security and privacy features. Aside from that, the new update will also come with a bunch of customization options like font style, icon shapes, size, colors, wallpapers, layouts, and more from the home screen menu.

Download and install Android 12 stable update for Motorola Razr 5G

If you own a Motorola Razr 5G, then your wait for Android 12 is over. If you’re looking to check for the update, you should go to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> System Updates -> check for the new update. The update is rolling out in different phases, if it isn’t available for you yet, you should wait for a couple of days and it’ll definitely arrive.

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  1. Avoid going to 12 if you can. Ginormous clock you can’t change. Your keyboard will remain tiny even after you set your view to huge. (Oh, but the the stuff you don’t want or care about will be plenty big.) All those “used-to-be-easy” settings you could easily find and change at will – like Do Not Disturb, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Wifi, etc.? They scroll now in teeny tiny streams you can’t see, plus they rearranged everything. Anything you care about now takes 3 steps for what used to take 1. All that junk email you used to check and delete on the preview screen instead of going to the email, opening it up, deleting it there? Yeah – good luck doing that now. So many more things they made harder and f’ed with. Here’s my advice IF IT ISN’T BROKE DON’T “FIX” IT!

  2. I wasn’t waiting for 12. It installed itself. A full week in and the crap far exceeds any benefit from what you call an upgrade. I call it garbage. Every feature I used to use now takes 3 steps instead of 1.
    ALL quick actions are now crammed into 1 half sized screen (instead of 2 screens). Plus, after downsizing they thought it’d be helpful to add tiny, scrolling type (just to make it harder to find what you’re looking for).
    You call it more “customization”. Then why can’t I change anything or get rid of the GINORMOUS CLOCK which covers the entire screen? MY customization would let me see my weather icons and other stuff at a glance. They made MY uses itty bitty, and shoved them where you can’t find them because, well I guess because they want you see their FREAKING HUGE CLOCK. You know that’s the most important thing ever.
    More important than easily getting to email or texts, More important than deleting an email from preview without having to open the email and read the entire spam message, More important than my camera settings, my files, everything.


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