NBA 2K19 / 2K20: How to Fix Error 56d85bb8 on Xbox

NBA 2K series is considered to be one of the best and most popular basketball simulation video games in the gaming industry. Visual Concepts and 2K Games have implemented a nice sports game that is typically based on National Basketball Association and 2K20 is the 21st title in the series, launched in September 2019. Though the game is well-optimized for Xbox One platform, some of the players have reported that NBA 2K19 / 2K20 is getting an Error Code 56d85bb8 on Xbox. So, there is literally no game that doesn’t have any issues or errors.

NBA 2K19 / 2K20 is one of them and unfortunately, some of the Xbox users can’t understand what’s causing this error code. This error 56d85bb8 also includes an error message something like “There is a problem with your connection to our online services. Please visit HTTP:// for up to date information. Error code: 56d85bb8”.

NBA 2K19 / 2K20: How to Fix Error 56d85bb8 on Xbox

As the error message stated that there are some issues with the connectivity to NBA2K online services which mean there may be some downtime or maintenance or outage is happening to the game servers. And the error message is recommending players to visit the server status link to check for the real-time updates.

NBA 2K19 / 2K20: How to Fix Error 56d85bb8 on Xbox

However, if in case, you find that there is no issue with the game servers and everything is working normal, then you should consider double-checking your network connectivity. In that scenario, just check whether your internet connection is active and stable enough.

Next, try changing the wired connection to wireless or wireless to wired connection for once in order to check for the error message again. If you’re only using Wi-Fi then we will recommend you reset your router and then try again.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is no permanent solution available yet from the developers. So, we may have to wait until any patch fix is available. Alternatively, you can try changing the DNS server to default Google DNS server or Port Forwarding or even using a VPN service as well.

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