New Realme RMX2111 5G spotted on MIIT certification

A new Realme device has been spotted on the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s website. The MIIT certification shows that the device’s model number is RMX2111

According to the MIIT certification, Realme RMX2111 is a 5G enabled device. The data also confirms that the device supports both 2.4 and 5Hz WiFi bands.

Realme RMX2111 spotted on MIIT

The moniker of the device still unknown and we are sure in coming days we gonna hear a lot about the device. Realme is known to release multiple devices in a single year and some sources have confirmed that Realme has been working on some budget as well as higher-mid range devices.

We can expect some new announcement from Realme soon. Today, Realme announced that it will bring some AIoT products soon. Realme is also going to hold a mega launch event on June 25th where we can expect some new devices to get unveiled. The company is going to launch a backpack named Realme Adventurer Backpacks well at the same event.

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