Nokia 9 PureView and Nokia 8.3 5G set to receive new security updates

Nokia users have been unhappy with Nokia’s monthly and OS update schedules ever since the Android 11 OS update got cancelled for the Nokia 9 PureView users. Users of Nokia 9 PureView have been very eager for updates, so it’ll come as welcome news that the December 2021 Security Patch update will be available for the Nokia 9 PureView handsets. This update will be 4.93 MB in size and is already being rolled out by Nokia.

Nokia 8.3 5G users await notification for the latest security update

In addition to Nokia 9 PureView receiving a new Security Update, Nokia 8.3 5G users are also receiving a new  Security update. Nokia 8.3 5G is at present is one of the best Nokia Android 11 OS smartphones and it’ll soon be updated to Android 12. This update will bring in the November security patch, which means the December patch is still pending. The European Nokia 8.3 5G users will get this update first, so they should be on the lookout for the notification.

Nokia offering a mobile exchange program for Nokia 9 PureView users

With the Nokia 9 PureView devices not receiving the Android 11 update, Nokia has offered a program for Nokia 9 PureView users. The flagship phone released in 2019 has become the first one to not stick to the brand’s two-year upgrade cycle for Android versions. HMD cited compatibility issues as the reason behind this decision. To compensate for that, the Nokia 9 PureView users can enjoy Android 11 by upgrading to Nokia XR20 and they will receive a 50% deduction on the price of Nokia XR20.

Nokia 9 PureView and Nokia 8.3 5G set to receive new security updates

Users of Nokia 9 PureView can go for Nokia XR20 instead of waiting around for the Android 11 update. Under this offer, which is available in India and other regions, you’ll need to provide your email address and IMEI number of the Nokia 9 PureView unit of your own.


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