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Motorola is a very reputed name in the mobile phone market. There have been producing mobile phones for many years now. Although a small disappearance was shown by the company while the smartphone market was booming, they made a strong come back with the G series. The brand is now owned by Lenovo and is launching some good devices frequently now.

Motorola is also frequent in delivering new updates. But many users face an issue of updates coming very late to them. There have been a lot of complaints from users about OTA updates coming late for them. This is common in most smartphone devices. It might take some time for an OTA update to reach your device after the manufacturer starts pushing it. But there are certain things you can do to force your device to get the OTA soon. One reliable way is to use the Motorola OTA Link Generator Tool.

The XDA developer community has been so much helpful for Android users. The Motorola OTA Link Tool is yet another good work from XDA member erfanoabdi. This tool helps you get the latest OTA update links fast for your Motorola device. This doesn’t come as a desktop application which you have to download and install on your PC but is a web application. You simply can visit the link, enter some details and get the latest OTA link.

Motorola OTA Link Generator Tool compatible devices

  • Moto X series
  • Moto G series
  • Moto E series
  • Moto Z series
  • Moto M series

How to use Motorola OTA Link Generator Tool

Online site of Motorola OTA Link Generator Tool

Click here to access the Motorola OTA Link Generator tool and enter the details needed to generate the OTA link. The details you should have ready are:

  1. Model name
  2. Software version
  3. Carrier

Hope you are clear with the guide. If you have any queries or feedback leave a comment below.

Source: Xda

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