How to push someone in Fall Guys on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC?

It seems that pushing your opponents in the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game is a very useful feature that may lead you to win the crown very easily. Recently, we’ve discussed the steps of diving in Fall Guys on PS4 and PC. Here in this article, we will share with you the simple steps on How to push someone in Fall Guys on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC?

Fall Guys is a trending online battle royale game and one of the hottest games on Steam in Summer 2020. People are loving this game very much and it’s quite addictive as well due to its nice cute characters, the whole gameplay, very limited controls, up to 60 players at a time, and more. The jellybeans are getting favorite to most of the Fall Guys players.

It rewards the winning player with a crown and in-game currency which will become useful for further in-game challenges & winning matches. Players can also purchase cosmetics in the game for their character. But it’s important to know the tricks and procedure with the gameplay to win easily or at least survive as long as possible.

How to push someone in Fall Guys on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC?

How to push someone in Fall Guys on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC?

Though the challenges are pretty simple and straightforward for most of the players to win matches, there are some tricks you can use in the game to beat others without having difficulties. Now, one of the useful tricks is to push someone else in Fall Guys. This trick mostly comes in handy towards eliminating your opponents and getting higher chances of winning the crown.

Now, before pushing someone in the game, Fall Guys requires you to grab someone, and then you can push. So, check out the steps below for both the PC and PS4 platforms.

For PC:

  • Press and hold the Shift key to grab someone in the Fall Guys game.
  • Once you grab someone, press W and release the Shift key on your keyboard to push easily.
  • It’s that simple. You can also change your control key from the in-game settings if you want.

For PS4:

  • First of all, go towards the opponent (close enough). It will indicate a white circle near the player.
  • Now, press and hold the R2 button on your controller to grab your opponent.
  • Once grabbed, push forward the left analog stick and release the R2 button to easily push your opponent out of the match.
  • You’re done. Do the same thing with other opponents as much as you can.

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