Realme Q and Realme X50 5G bootloader unlock is now possible as support is available

The Realme X50 5G handset was launched in January 2020 as an upper mid-range device that has pretty good specifications like 120Hz refresh rate display, Android 10, Snapdragon 765G processor, 6/8/12GB RAM, 128/256GB of onboard storage, quad rear cameras (64+12+8+2-megapixels), dual 16+8-megapixels selfie camera, a 4200mAh battery, 30W quick charging, Type-C port, GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi, BT 5.0, etc. Whereas the Realme Q was launched in September 2019 with an LCD display, Android 9, Snapdragon 712 processor, 4/6/8GB RAM, 64/128GB onboard storage, quad rear cameras, a 4035mAh battery, 20W quick charging, and more. Now, there is good news for all the Realme Q and Realme X50 5G users as the Realme has released an official bootloader unlock process with guidelines.

It’s needless to say that most of the Android device users expect a lot from Android OS especially whether they are an advanced user or a normal user.

Android offers plenty of customizations, third-party developer support, custom firmware support, rooting, custom recovery support, custom mod file support, and more. But in order to install any custom file on your Android device, you will need to unlock the device bootloader at first. It’s one of the main priorities when it comes to external customizations. There is no other way to flash any third-party file without unlocking the bootloader.

Now, the Realme officially provides support for the Realme Q and Realme X50 5G bootloader unlocking. So, if you’re interested to unlock the device bootloader at first in order to able to install root or flash any custom ROM/mod file, then check the steps below properly.

Realme Q and Realme X50 5G Bootloader Unlock Steps

Note: Your Realme X50 5G should be purchased through formal channels in mainland China. According to Realme, here we’ve shared all the disclaimers and requirements that are important to follow before jumping into the steps.


  • After unlocking, it may cause an unpredictable impact on the phone;
  • The three-party firmware may prevent some functions of the mobile phone from running normally, for example, the camera photo function is not available, and may cause damage to the device;
  • It may cause the leakage of private personal information on the mobile phone;
  • After unlocking, it will affect the system upgrade, and users cannot receive subsequent updates of Realme UI.
  • After unlocking, the phone status is equivalent to restoring the factory settings, and all user personal data will be cleared. It is recommended to back up the data in advance.
  • After the mobile phone is rooted, if necessary, you can contact the Realme service center to assist in flashing. If you can install back to the official version, it will not affect the warranty status of the mobile phone, but you cannot enjoy the return and replacement service; If the hardware of the mobile phone fails, it is not covered by the warranty, and it needs to be repaired according to the situation.


  • Please download the X50 special unlock tool APK first – Link
  • Extract PIN: pnnx
  • The battery power of the mobile phone remains above 60%
  • Prepare a USB data cable
  • Prepare a PC / Macbook

How to Unlock Bootloader

  • Turn on developer mode (Go to “Settings” → “About Phone” → “Version Information” and click “Version Number” 7 times to open the developer mode)
  • Go to “Settings” → “Other Settings” → “Developer Mode”, open OEM to unlock
  • Use APK to enter fastboot mode
    • Connect to the Internet, open the APK, and apply to unlock it in the APK.
  • Click “Start Application”, please read “Disclaimer” carefully and manually check the agreement.
  • Click “Submit Application” and then click “Return” to go to the application interface and wait for about 15 minutes. In the application interface, you can check whether you have passed the audit through “Query Audit Status”.
  • Unlock fastboot – After the review is passed, click “Start In-Depth Test” and the phone will restart to the START interface
  • Connect to the computer and run:
fastboot flashing unlock
  • Install ADB & Fastboot Tools on your computer.
  • After downloading, unzip to the root directory of c drive
  • Keyboard Win + R enter CMD and then Enter
  • Type cd .. and press Enter until C: is displayed
  • Enter cd platform-tools and press Enter
  • Follow the prompts on the phone interface, press the volume key to select unlock, and then press the power key to confirm. After selecting UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER, the phone will return to the factory settings and restart to the language selection interface.

Steps to Lock Back

  • Turn off your device.
  • Press the Volume Down key and the Power key at the same time to enter the Bootloader mode.
  • Connect to the computer and enter the following command on command prompt window:
fastboot flashing lock
  • The phone will enter the lock interface, select LOCK THE BOOTLOADER with the Volume keys, and confirm with the Power key. The phone will be restored to the language selection interface.
  • Once the BOOTLOADER is locked, you will need to download and unlock the APK again to complete the installation. Apply to exit the deep test on the application interface.
  • You can download kernel open-source code for Realme X50 5G and Realme Q.

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