Satisfactory: How to get the map?


Satisfactory is a game with a lot of surprising elements, especially in its initial part of the gameplay. This is because the game essentially expects you to explore it and find resources yourself. It means that, unlike most video games, you won’t get the help of a map by default. However, the players can have access to a map but they need to research it. In this guide, you’ll get to know how to get the map in Satisfactory.

How to get a map in Satisfactory?

When playing Satisfactory, having a map will definitely feel like a good addition to the game and make things a lot more comfortable. It’ll be even handier once people realize that the 5.4 KM by 5.4 KM is a huge area. Traveling from one corner to the other could take up to 45 minutes depending on the mode of transportation used. Having a map will be useful once the players start to explore and set up bases.

As mentioned earlier, the players will need to research a map. It can be achieved through research into Quartz in the Molecular Analysis Machine. To do so, the players first need to unlock the Molecular Analysis Machine (M.A.M.) by completing the Tier 1 Field Research challenge.

Satisfactory: How to get the map?

Using the Molecular Analysis Machine will be beneficial as it’ll offer better research as players level up depending on the resources available in the game. As the name suggests, the Quartz research chain will be derived from Quarts. Once the player has the Tier 2 Hub, they’ll be able to search for Quarts with a resource scanner.

Once the players have the above resources, they can start with a Quartz Research Chain and check on the Quartz tree. The players can collect small nodes alongside the mineable deposits. For kicking off the research chain, the players can place a regular miner on the deposits and start collecting the necessary Quarts. The complete the research chain, the players will require 10 crystal oscillators and 10 beacons. The map will get unlocked in the fifth step.

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