Sprint LG G5 gets LS992ZVD/November 2017 Security /Krack Fix OTA Update

Sprint LG G5 is now getting LS992ZVD/November 2017 Security /Krack Fix OTA Update: LG which is another major smartphone manufacturer all over the world has been releasing new smartphone every year in the different markets. However, the company has a strategy similar to Samsung of releasing two new flagship smartphones in two different series every year as Samsung’s Galaxy S series and Note series. On LG’s side, the flagship series from the company are the LG G series of smartphones and the LG V series of smartphones which is relatively new from the company.

However, if we look at the LG G series then the company launched the LG G6 which is the 6th generation of the LG G series. Now, the LG G6 was launched this year as a successor to the LG G5 and the smartphone was proven to be a disappointment from the company in terms of sales figures and design.

However, the LG G5 was sold in the US and the smartphone was available on the Sprint network in the US also. The smartphone has been regularly updated by the carrier and a new update is being rolled out to the LG G5 smartphones in the US and this update will bring the latest security patch update to the device.

This update has been released by Sprint with the November security patch. To tell you more about this security patch, it was released by Google in the beginning of November and the KRACK Wifi security flaw has been fixed for all the Android devices after this update. The update comes to the Sprint LG G5 as version number LS992ZVD and this update has been sent out as an over the air update. Now, you will get the update notification automatically in the coming days so just have to download and install the update on your LG G5 as and when it is available from Sprint

Abhishek Jariwala
Abhishek Jariwala
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