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How to Take a Partial Screenshot on Android Marshmallow Using Android N-ify Xposed Module

Learn How to Take a Partial Screenshot on Android Marshmallow 6.0/6.0.1 : Very recently, a Redditor, also an Android developer found something going by the name ‘Partial Screenshot‘ on his Nexus 5 running a custom Android 7.1 ROM. He was curious, and after a bit of messing around, he was able to conclude that there is indeed a hidden feature in the newest build of Android Nougat, and it is pretty damn amazing. Let’s first see what this feature allows you to do.

Partial Screenshot will allow you to snapshot only a selected area of your screen. While this was available from ages on Samsung devices, it is still pretty neat to see Google implementing it in Stock Android as well. As of now, if you are running an Android Nougat rooted device, then entering a value will do the trick for you.

However, the famous Android N-ify Xposed Module now allows you to do the same on any Android Marshmallow device as well! So, if you own a device running Android Marshmallow, which is rooted and with Xposed installed, then read on to find more about How to Take a Partial Screenshot on Android Marshmallow.

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How to Take a Partial Screenshot on Android Marshmallow

Take a Partial Screenshot on Android Marshmallow

  1. Make sure your Android device is running Marshmallow, is rooted, and has Xposed Installed by default.
  2. Download the Android N-ify Xposed Module by following the link here.
  3. Install it on your Android device, enable it in Xposed, and then reboot your phone.
  4. Open the Android N-ify Settings app, and scroll down to ‘About‘. Tap on the logo a few times to enable Experimental Settings.
  5. Head back to the menu, and hop into the new Experimental Settings menu, then check the ‘Enable Partial Screenshot‘ option.
  6. Reboot your Android device, and start snapping screenshots!

Great going! You now have successfully enabled the Partial Screenshot mode on your Android Marshmallow device. If you have any queries, feel free to hit us down below.

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