List Best Custom ROMs for Bluboo Maya Max (Oreo and Nougat)

List Best Custom ROMs for Bluboo Maya Max (Oreo and Nougat): Have you never installed any custom ROM before? Do you intend on changing that and installing a custom ROM for your device? If the answer to both of those questions is a yes, then this post is the right place for you to be. Today, in this post, we will be giving you a list of all the popular custom ROMs which can be installed in your Bluboo Maya Max. If you are a proud owner of Bluboo Maya Max, then you will know that it runs on the Android platform. The biggest advantage of this platform is that it tends to be an open-source project which allows other communities to develop and customize the ROMs for their device.

Bluboo Maya Max was launched in June 2016 and proved to be a big hit among users. Bluboo Maya Max comes with a 6.0-inch IPS display screen, a powerful MediaTek MT6750 Octa Core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex processor, 3 GB LPDDR3 RAM, 32 GB ROM storage capacity, and a non-removable 4200mAh Lithium-Polymer battery. It comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS out of the box, and its other features include dual-SIM standby, a dual 13.0 MP primary camera, an 8.0 MP secondary camera, Proximity sensor, and more.

Here, in this guide, we will be giving you all the popular custom ROMs available for your Bluboo Maya Max. But before we move to the installation part, we will first have to understand the basic difference between a custom ROM and a stock ROM.

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What exactly is an Android Stock ROM?

Any Android smartphone you purchase will come equipped with a “Stock ROM”. Also known as “Stock Firmware”, it is the pre-installed operating system on any Android device. Stock ROM tends to have limited functions which are set by the manufacturers of that device. However, these features can easily be added once you install a custom ROM.

What exactly is a Custom ROM?

Since Android is an open source platform, it allows the developer to take the source code from Google and then build a whole new version of operating system images for selected devices from scratch. Any custom or home-built app is known as a custom ROM. It replaces the stock ROM in your device and comes with a kernel that makes it a standalone operating system.

Custom ROMs are regularly updated by the community and the developers so that they can quickly fix any bug related problems. Custom ROMs also give the users an opportunity to experience the latest Android updates even if the official update is not available for particular smartphones.

Best custom ROMs for Bluboo Maya Max

Best Custom ROMs for Bluboo Maya Max

Today, in this post, we have prepared a list of some of the best custom ROMs for Bluboo Maya Max. For installing any of these custom ROMs, you will need to have TWRP Recovery installed on your device. Once the TWRP Recovery is installed, you can start installing custom ROMs on your device with ease.

After installing the TWRP Recovery, you can easily flash any of the custom ROMs mentioned in this post. Not all the custom ROMs are meant to be stable enough for being used as a daily driver but there are a lot of options where most of them will work for your device. You can read about different custom ROMs in the description given below for best custom ROMs for Bluboo Maya Max.

  • Lineage OS

Lineage OS is the extension of the previously known as CyanogenMod or CM. The company that was behind Cyanogen.Inc had withdrawn this popular Android mod and amidst all the confusion and chaos, Lineage OS was introduced and it has definitely raised the scale to new heights.

This is easily one of the best custom ROMs for Android smartphones and it comes with a lot of additional features like customizable status bar, Resizing Navigation bar, theme, Navigation bar colour, customization, quick toggle feature, and much more.

For installing this update of Lineage OS for Bluboo Maya Max, go to the link mentioned below.


  • AOSPExtended ROM

AOSP Extended ROM is based on the source code of AOSP which brings a lot of exciting features. Since it is based on AOSP, it usually provides a smooth, and lag-free experience from the off. The developers of AOSP Extended promise their faithful users that they will add a lot of new and exciting features in the future updates. Similar to most other custom ROMs even AOSP Extended ROM comes with many features such as a Status Bar, Lockscreen customization, DU’s Nav Bar/Fling Bar, theming, AOSPA Pie, and much more. This custom ROM is stable enough to be used as a daily driver however it has not yet been released for Bluboo Maya Max.


  • ViperOS

ViperOS is one of the news custom ROMs based on the AOSP codes while having their own custom mods. This line of custom ROMs has always been popular for its custom-made features from all CyanogenMod, Slim, Lineage, Omni AOSPA, etc. This ROM was developed when Google had just released the source code for Android 7.1 Nougat and now it has gone on to become one of the best and most stable custom firmware with a lot of additional features along with a balance between performance and battery. The ViperOS update for Bluboo Maya Max hasn’t been released yet.


  • CrDroid ROM

crDroid is a special line of custom ROM which was developed to increase the performance and the reliability of stock ROM for Android devices while also attempting to bring a lot of new features existent today. They are mostly based on the Lineage OS for using custom kernels compatible with them. crDroid hasn’t been released for Bluboo Maya Max yet.


  • Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is the perfect combination of the stability provided by CyanogenMod and all the exciting features provided by Slim, Omni, and the original Remix builds. It includes the best of customization, performance, power, and the newest features of existing stock ROMs.

Resurrection Remix update for Bluboo Maya Max can be downloaded by going to the link mentioned below.


  • MIUI

The MIUI is the stock ROM developed by Xiaomi company. However, it can also be used as a custom ROM for many devices. It is developed based on the latest Android Operating Systems and it comes with a lot of exciting features such as Theme support, MI launcher, customization of the status bar, and many others.


  • AICP

AICP or also known as Android Ice Cold Project was started by Desire HD and has since gone on to evolve into one of the best and most matured ROM communities at the moment. Until Lollipop, this ROM was AOKP based but ever since AOKP stopped development, they have switched their source to Lineage OS.

The AICP update for Bluboo Maya Max can be downloaded here.


  • SlimROMs

SlimROMs is one of the lightest and minimalistic custom ROMs that can be found in the Android custom ROM market. This line of custom ROM is based on the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) source code and it comes with a lot of exciting handy features. One of the unique features of this project is the Slim Recents and the Slim PIE. This custom ROM has not yet been released for Bluboo Maya Max.


  • Mokee OS

Mokee is one of the newest custom ROMs that are based on the CyanogenMod (now, Lineage OS). It happens to be an Open Source Project which keeps on updating their source code to go along with the latest development without actually forgetting to merge all the special features. This community was launched in December 2012 and has quickly become a recognized and popular community of custom ROMs. This custom ROM has not yet been released for Bluboo Maya Max.



AOKP or better known as Android Open Kang Project is a popular community of open-source replacement distribution for Android devices. This name is a play on the word kang which happens to be slang for a stolen code. The name started out as a joke but it stuck. It started out as free and open-source software by Roman Birg that was based on the official releases of Android Open Source Project by Google with some added third party codes, features, and controls. It is not yet released for Bluboo Maya Max.


  • Flyme OS 6

Flyme OS is a stock firmware developed by Meizu for their smartphones. However, it ca also be used as a custom ROM for other Android devices. Some of its features include redesigned apps, performance optimizations, one-handed usability, and more. The current version of Meizu provides easier navigation while using only one physical button, distinguished flat design, and more. It is quite unique as the back button function can be implemented by tapping the physical button and the home button function can be used by simply pressing the physical button. It is not yet released for Bluboo Maya Max.


  • AOSP

AOSP is a ROM that is based on the Android Open Source Project. It refers to the unmodified ROMs or the specific codes from Google. Its name is co-opted for custom ROMs which are very close to the original codes. It has not yet released for Bluboo Maya Max.

These were just some of the best custom ROMs for Bluboo Maya Max. I hope you must have selected the custom ROM which is perfect to your liking. Leave a comment or feedback below if you have any queries. I hope this guide turned out to be helpful for you. Thank you.

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