Unbrick OnePlus 12R/Ace 3 using Oppo Flash Tool

Are you a techie looking to unbrick OnePlus 12R/Ace 3 using Oppo Flash Tool? If so, then you’re going to find this guide extremely useful. In this guide, you will get to know how to unbrick OnePlus 12R/Ace 3 using Oppo Flash Tool.

For many tech enthusiasts, OnePlus is often the go-to choice. However, this changed upon the introduction of OnePlus 10 as the company got into a partnership with Oppo. This marked the beginning of the end for the MSM Download Tool.

But what if you wanted to unbrick your OnePlus handset now? Luckily, developers were able to come up with a workaround. Using this workaround, it is possible to unbrick OnePlus 12R/Ace 3. To do that, you’ll need to make use of the Oppo Flash Tool.

How to unbrick OnePlus 12R/Ace 3 using Oppo Flash Tool?

Unbrick OnePlus 12R

Step 1: Disable the Driver Signature Enforcement

First, you will need to disable the Driver Signature Enforcement on your PC such that Windows does not conflict with the EDL Drivers.

Step 2: Install Qualcomm USB Drivers

Next, you need to download and install the Qualcomm USB Drivers. You will need this such that your PC is able to identify the connected handset in EDL Mode.

Step 3: Download Oppo Flash Tool and EDL Firmware

Now, you should get hold of the Oppo Flash Tool to unbrick OnePlus 12R/Ace 3. To do that, go to the following link –

OnePlus 12R/Ace 3 Oppo Flash Tool – Download

After that, you should download the EDL Firmware for OnePlus 12R/Ace 3. Click the following links to do that –

US/India/Global: CPH2611export_11_14.0.0.303EX01_2024010400550000.zip

EU: CPH2609GDPR_11_14.0.0.303EX01_2024010400560000.zip

China (ColorOS): PJE110domestic_11_14.0.0.305CN01_2023122613020116.zip

OCDT – China – ColorOS – PJE110: Download

prog_firehose_ddr.zip: Download

Step 4: Install MITM Proxy and Proxifier

  • First, you need to download and extract the EDL firmware file using the link mentioned above
  • After that, launch the Proxifier setup before installing it
  • Now, launch the MITMProxy setup and then install it
  • Go to the Qualcomm Driver Package before launching the Install file
  • You may get a few prompts from Google and Vivo so make sure that you press “Install”

Step 5: Add Proxy server and rules

  • Launch Proxifier before heading over to Profiles
  • Now, select Proxy Server and click “Add”
  • Type “” under Address, “8080” under Port, and select “HTTPS Protocol”
  • After that, click OK -> YES -> OK -> OK in the prompts that pop up
  • Head over to Profile -> Proxification Rule
  • Now, change the default action to Direct before clicking on “Add”
  • You should give it a name now
  • Click on “Browse” under Application and head over to the OPlusFlashTool folder
  • Select the “DownloadTool.exe” file before hitting “Open”
  • After that, select “Proxy HTTPS” under Action and then click “OK”

Step 6: Setup the Oppo Flash Tool

  • Head over to oppo_edl_crack before launching the batch file to automatically launch mitmproxy
  • After that, launch the Oppo Flash Tool
  • Change the server to EU/India before typing in random stuff under username, password, and verification code
  • After that, select the device from the list
  • Click on Software Package before selecting the downloaded EDL firmware
  • After that, stop the flashing process and then enable Default NV
  • Click on Flash to start the package integrity check
  • Once it is complete, transfer the “prog_firehose_ddr.elf” file from the Downloads section to the OFP folder/IMAGES/prog_firehose_ddr.elf

Step 7: Boot to unbrick OnePlus 12R/Ace 3

  • Ensure that your handset is completely powered off
  • After that, connect one end of the USB cable to your PC while keeping the other end unplugged
  • Press and hold the volume Up + Volume Down keys
  • While holding the keys, you should connect the other end of the USB cable to the device
  • Your device will be detected by the tool and the flashing will begin
  • You can release the keys now
  • Once the flashing is complete, your handset will automatically be booted to the OS

We hope this guide helped you unbrick OnePlus 12R/Ace 3 using Oppo Flash Tool. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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