How to unlock your Realme device without the password

If you’ve somehow forgotten the password of your Realme device, then it can be quite bothering. While it’s easy to reset the password on your Realme device, is it possible to unlock your Realme device if you don’t know the password? With advancements in technology, smartphones have become more secure, and unlocking passwords has become difficult. In this article, you’ll get to know about the different methods to unlock your Realme device without a password.

Using the Google Find My Device feature

You can try to unlock your device using Google’s lost device tool. First, you’ll have to activate Find My Device as an admin app for this tool to work. Head over to Settings and search for Device Admin Apps for doing that. From the list of Device Admin Apps, you’ll have to activate Find My Device.

  1. Once it’s approved, open the Find My Device link on your PC.
  2. From there on, you can go to Secure Device and set the recovery message if you want to.
  3. Google remotely locks your device. Then, follow the on-screen instructions for unlocking your device. You’ll then be prompted to add a new password on your smartphone and it’ll bypass the Realme password screen.
  4. Once your Realme device is unlocked, you’ll be able to disable the temporary password through Settings and then replace it with your own.

Factory reset your Realme smartphone

unlock your Realme device without the password

If you Google Find My Device route doesn’t work, you can try to factory reset your Realme device. For doing that, follow these steps –

  1. The first step would be to turn off your Realme device.
  2. After that, press the Power + Volume Up keys simultaneously.
  3. Your device will restart. You should keep holding the Power key until you’re seeing the Android logo on the screen.
  4. Then, you should enter the Android system recovery menu. Touch won’t work so you’ll need to use the Volume Down key to scroll down to Factory Reset.
  5. Press the Power key for confirming your selection.
  6. Once your device resets, simply select Reboot System Now.
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