Vivo V17 (1919) PD1948F ISP PinOUT | EDL Mode 9008 | Test Point

In this tutorial, we will show you how to obtain the actual image of the ISP pinout as well as the test point for the Vivo V17 by walking you through the process step by step (1919). Using the ISP PinOUT will make this a simple and straightforward task for you to complete..

Do you own a Vivo V17 (1919) PDF1948F and want to reboot it to EDL Mode? if you’ve bricked your device, lost the pattern lock details, or are unable to verify your Google account, then you can fix this problem very quickly. In this article, you’ll get to know all about ISP PinOUT and how you can enter EDL Mode on your Vivo V17 (1919) PD1948.

What is ISP PinOUT in Vivo V17 (1919) PD1948F?

ISP (In-System Programming) or ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming) for hardware having a cross-reference of pins and contacts is a handy technology. By shortening the pins together, you’ll be able to power or signal the logic board of an electronic device like a Vivo smartphone and do multiple functions including restoring the stock ROM, bypassing FRP lock, or resetting user data.

How to enter EDL Mode on Vivo V17 (1919) PD1948F?

Follow the instructions mentioned below to boot your Vivo V17 (1919) PD1948F into EDL mode (Emergency Download Mode).

Vivo V17 (1919) PD1948F ISP PinOUT | EDL Mode 9008 | Test Point

By using ADB

  • Download ADB and Fastboot Tools and then extract them to your PC
  • Then, Connect your device to our PC
  • Now, open the ADB command and enter the following command –
\adb reboot edl

By using Fastboot

  • Download ADB and Fastboot Tools and then extract them to your PC
  • After that, boot your device into the bootloader
  • Now, open the command window on your PC on the folder where you extracted the tools
  • Enter the following command
\fatboot oem edl

By hardware test points

  • Download the ODLoader driver
  • Find out the EDL PinOUT/Test Point on your device
  • For entering the EDL mode, you’ll have to use a metal tweezer or a conductive metal wire for shorting the points
  • Once you’re done, connect your smartphone to the PC using a USB cable
  • This way, your Vivo device will enter EDL mode
  • You can now open the QPST Tool or QFil to flash the firmware and then restore your device
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