What is an MCM Client and is it safe for Android devices?

If you have an Android smartphone from Samsung or mobile carriers such as Spring, it’s highly likely that it features a Mobile Content Management (MCM) client. It comes installed by default on company-issued devices for ensuring easy access to data. In this guide, you’ll get to know all about what is an MCM Client, its features, and is it safe for your Android smartphone.

What do you mean by an MCM Client?

MCM is an integral part of mobile device management (MDM) solutions. It offers secure data access to media files and documents on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. The MCM client makes use of a secure authentication system to help users access their data and files.

Further, it’ll also ensure that only the clients and authenticated users are able to access corporate files on your Android device. The program offers several configurations that can help you balance productivity and security by putting the necessary restrictions in place.

The MCM client comes with three main features and they make up for its core functions –

What is an MCM Client and is it safe for Android devices?

  • Centralized content update

The admins of the client will be able to update any file or content by uploading the latest version on the mobile device management server

  • Multiple file-formats support

The MCM client comes with support for a wide variety of file formats like .doc, .pdf,.mp4, .txt, .jpeg, .png, and more while also securing the access and sharing of the files

  • Segregate documents

The client will also allow the users to categorize their files using tags, which helps make the classification and separation of the files more manageable.

Is MCM Client safe for Android smartphones or not?

Since the MCM client has access to some of your data, it’s natural to be concerned and wonder if it’s safe to use or not. MCM Client is absolutely safe to use and it isn’t spyware of any kind.

Using an MCM client actually helps prevent malware like ransomware and spyware from spreading. It’ll eliminate the need for the user to download any third-party programs to access corporate data, which is a common source of malware. There are very few apps that can successfully pass an Android smartphone’s firewall. Some of the names include Google Maps, Chrome, Clock, and Outlook. MCM is definitely a safe option as it manages and distributes content to devices remotely using a cloud dashboard.

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