What is FaceTime Unavailable Error after Ringing

FaceTime is a great application by Apple and it allows you to connect to other users despite their location distance. If you’re an Apple user, you might want to FaceTime your fellow users.

To do that, you’ll need an active internet connection and once your friend picks up the call on their end, you’ll be able to engage in a live audio or video call. However, some users have been facing the FaceTime Unavailable issue. In this guide, you will get to know what is FaceTime Unavailable Error after Ringing.

What is FaceTime Unavailable Error after Ringing

FaceTime Unavailable error means when you want to link up with a friend or family but aren’t able to because they are getting notified that “FaceTime is Unavailable”. If you don’t understand this problem, you’ll be confused about why you are getting it. Here are the different reasons why you are getting FaceTime Unavailable Error After Ringing.

#1. FaceTime is disabled

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If the recipient hasn’t enabled FaceTime on their end when you’re trying to call them, FaceTime will give an error as it isn’t able to connect with the recipient’s address or number.

#2. No response on FaceTime call

When you’re initiating the FaceTime call and the recipient isn’t able to pick up, you’ll get the FaceTime Unavailable error. It might be that the recipient has ignored your call or cannot pick up the call at the moment.

#3. The recipient’s device is set to DND

Sometimes, you might be in a situation where the recipient has set the Do Not Disturb mode on their device. In such cases, they won’t be hearing the phone ringing as you’re trying to FaceTime with them. Consequently, the smartphone will run and eventually hang up as the recipient has failed to see the incoming call.

#4. The recipient’s device is turned off

For the FaceTime call to be successful, the recipient needs to have their device turned on. If for any reason, their device is turned off, FaceTime will not be able to connect and return the “FaceTime Unavailable” error.

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